Learn To Design Android and IOs Apps

Live Interactive Mentor Led  Course To Have A Deep Understanding Of UI/UX Design

What Will You Learn?

Day 01 : Introduction to UI/UX

  • Introduction to the field of UX/UI (User Centered Design)
  • Simple sketching exercise to get you started quickly (eg. icons)
  • Introduction to Android Apps , Material Design Guidelines by Google

Day 02 : Understanding The Design Process​

  • Introduction to User Experience (UX) 
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Design Brief
  • Empathize with audience
  • Define the pain point and coming up with potential solutions.

Day 03 : Solution Design and Prototyping

  • Ideate solutions for given problems using Brainstorming.
  • Paper Prototype Solution
  • User Testing 
  • Introduction to Adobe Xd
  • Get familiar with the AdobeXD interface

Day 04 : Digital Skills

  • Learn to wireframe in Adobe XD
  • Learning Prototyping
  • Understanding Color Theory
  • Mood Boards for UI

Day 05 : Building Aesthtics

  • Building UI Design
  • Prototyping UI Screens
  • Create a Video Demo of your Mobile Application
  • Final Presentation and Certification. 

Day 06 : Review and Certification

Take your first step in your design Journey

In Just Two Months you can learn to design Android and IOs App from Scratch

Live Online Classes | Build Android & IOs App From Scratch | Exclusive Student Group


Is laptop required and will you Provide software?

Yes a laptop and desktop is required to attend this course to implement what you learn and build an app. We use Adobe XD and it can be downloaded from Adobe website.

How is the training provided?

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Will i get placement after this program?

This is a program to get you quickly started in the UX/UI field within a short time frame of a week (10 hours of classes). You can polish your apps and develop a portfolio to apply for internships/jobs. We have an active student placement cell that will help you connect with internship and job opportunities.

WIll i get a certificate?

Yes! On completion of the 5 day course you will be certified by Launchpad Academy

Is the font free ?

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How can i edit smart objects ?

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Student's Work

Take your first step in your design Journey

In Just 5 days you can learn to design an App from Scratch.

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