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It was quite a surprise to all present, to see an iconic car return to the centre stage in the Delhi auto expo 2020. The brand is celebrating its 70 years of existence, with the introduction of the all-electric Sierra took everybody’s attention when it was unveiled as a concept by Mr Pratap Bose, the Head of Design, TATA Motors.

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The Tata Sierra was the first SUV to be designed and produced in India. It’s a 3-door Sport Utility Vehicle produced by Tata Motors, India. It was based on the Tata Telcoline which, a pickup truck that came out from their own stable in 1988.


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The new version of the iconic Sierra is a complete indulgence to the future of clean mobility. Although the design is not the same, the silhouette of the 1991 version is very prominently visible. The Concept is based on the ALFA ARC platform that you get to see in all new tata SUVs.

The evergreen design of the iconic sierra of the 1990s is visible as rear fixed windows and three doors. The overall glass structure is large and sturdy in appearance and it appears to have a long wheelbase.

The electric drivetrain sends power to all the four wheels effectively making it a capable off-roader and it increases out appetite for craving on an AWD production SUV. The Tata Sierra EV concept rides on large wheels fitted with wide off-road tyres and there are square-shaped wheel arches done up in black.

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The wide box-like tail section has a strip of thin LED tail lights running across the width of the vehicle that add a futuristic vibe to the car.


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They call it the “Sierra for the new era” has some practical feature-based updates that make you think, “Huh! why not?”.

The new era sierra as per Mr Bose has to be a connected car and it has to be shared architecture for the passengers. The interior is a fresh white colour scheme. The seats are made with white textile and plastic blend for maximum comfort.

The car has a total digital detox from conventional cars with basically zero digital appliances. one has to bring their own device like a tablet or mobile to become the instrument cluster of the car.

An out-of-the-box feature that you would most probably won’t expect is the presence of mosses inside the car. Yes, they have made a car that is a moving greenhouse and yes its does filter and create oxygen inside the car. The strip of moss are put in the front and the rear of the car and gives an infinity pool effect.

If we can keep a plant inside the house then why not inside the car? ” says Pratap Bose


So when can we see the electric SUV on the road? And how much similar to the concept will it be?

Well, Mr Bose has assured that the Real-world car will be kept as similar in design as the concept. The vehicle floats around the price range of 15-20 lakhs and is to be launched somewhere in Nov of 2020.

Rest assure the future of Electric mobility looks bright with cars like Sierra coming to the foreground as electric. We hope TATA Motors under Mr Bose will keep on innovating the mobility sector.

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