UCEED 2015 – A Career Guide

UCEED 2015 - A Career Guide

UCEED 2015 – A Career Guide

UCEED 2015 certainly created a lot of buzz in Indian design education over the past month. We here at Launchpad Academy, learned about the newly introduced B.Des programme in IIT Bombay at the earliest (and also the dual degree program, B.Des + M.Des) and being a design education startup, we felt the responsibility of informing design enthusiasts like you about this new design course and entrance exam.

Over the past month, our previous article on UCEED 2015 received an overwhelming response and hundreds of people contacted us to clarify their doubts about the course and the exam. Now that the official UCEED website is up and active, those who are still unsure about the nature of the B.Des course in IIT Bombay and the UCEED 2015 examination, please go through the UCEED website and have your doubts cleared right now. However, I observed that the UCEED website left a lot of career related questions unanswered or barely answered. This article is especially for those people who are in splits whether to take up design as a career and people who are looking for shortcuts to clear UCEED 2015. If you’re one of them, read on to know more.


Can I Get A Job After Completing the B.Des Course?
In a country like India where students are more concerned about jobs than skills, it is only natural that our previous article was bombarded with this question. To begin with, I think it’s high time that we Indian students look at career opportunities with a different perspective and realize that a degree alone won’t get us a job in today’s job scenario. As IIT Bombay cites, the world is gradually moving towards a creative economy where your skills and problem solving abilities matter more than your academic excellence. Hence it is totally up to you how well you utilize this course and develop your personality and skills over the years. Rather than expecting the institute to do all the legwork, I urge the students to take responsibility of their career and fight it out. However I must also mention that IDC, IIT Bombay is one of the Top 50 Design Schools in the World and as the institute itself claims, it has an impressive placement record. So will you get a job after completing the B.Des course in IIT Bombay? Well, my answer is ‘Most Likely…Yes’!


Is There Any UCEED Training Available? Any Reference Books? Any Tips?
As most of you know, UCEED 2015 is the first exam of its kind and there are no previous year question papers available for reference. However, IIT Bombay was considerate enough to heed to students’ request and released a sample question paper (along with the answer keys) on its UCEED website. And as expected, the sample UCEED question paper follows a similar pattern to CEED and all the questions are based on the following design related topics.
1. Visualization and Spatial Ability
2. Observation and Design Sensitivity
3. Environmental and Social Awareness
4. Analytical and Logical Reasoning
5. Language and Creativity
6. Design Thinking and Problem Solving
As IIT Bombay claims, all the five design related topics except Environmental and Social Awareness are aptitude tests that serve as yardsticks to measure your talent for sketching and designing. So rather than looking for already curated reference material and training, hit the internet and learn as much as you can on the above mentioned topics. And since UCEED follows a similar pattern as CEED, refer all those previous year CEED papers which are available in abundance in the internet.


I’m Preparing for JEE as well as UCEED. Which Is More Important?
Well, it depends on your interests. JEE as we know is a technical entrance exam and UCEED is a design entrance exam. Engineering and Design are two entirely different domains though they are slightly interrelated at some level. If you are good at sketching, at least have a brief idea about what those above mentioned design topics meant and want to be a designer at at any cost, I would recommend you to focus on UCEED. However, if you are finding JEE ridiculously difficult and design is just an alternative escape to you, I would recommend you to study hard and stick with JEE. Let me remind you, B.Des in IIT Bombay is a very exquisite course and only 30 seats are available (including reserved seats). Just 30! So the competition will be pretty fierce and UCEED is as difficult as JEE in terms of competition. 12th is a very crucial part in every Indian student’s career and you don’t want to sail on two boats and expect to board one when the other sinks. Nonetheless, if you are that interested in design and don’t want your JEE preparations to go in vain too, don’t worry, IIT Guwahati has a B.Des course too and JEE is the qualifying entrance exam for this course. And if nothing works, there are a lot of top private design schools in India that offer B.Des course. There you go, problem solved!

To conclude, all I would ask you students is to work hard and work smart. Make good use of the technology you are equipped with and explore internet to the fullest to aid your UCEED preparation. And lastly, think twice before you choose design as a career. If you are a lazy ass who doesn’t like challenges, doesn’t like to be creative, for whom job satisfaction means nothing but who just wants to count money sitting on your office chair, frankly B.Des is not the course you are looking for!


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  • Vedant

    i wanted to ask. How much salary will i get after my graduation. A

    • Hi Vedant. It’s upto your skills how much you earn in the design industry.

      • ANUJA


        • Anonymous

          Rs 0


    How many seats are being offered by IIT-B, IDC in the B.Des. course?

  • Bhushan

    There is studio test for b.des?

    • No Bhushan. There is no studio test or personal interview as such. As per the FAQ section in the UCEED website, your performance in the UCEED exam will be the only selection criteria to qualify for the B.Des course.

  • Ishan

    Is sketching skill a big point in design industry ?
    I’ve never tried sketching so I don’t know if I am good at it or not.

    • Of course Ishan. I would say it’s almost impossible to make a mark in the design industry if you don’t have exceptional sketching skills.

      • Nikhil

        Now I am Demotivated

        • Parul

          so am i. i sketch. but not exceptionaly.

  • Manasi

    Hey Kushal Sir ! Presently i completed my 10th(though results are not out but I am sure to score more than distinction ). At any cost I want to be in those 30. To crack the entrance exam after 10th i have whole two years for my preparation, so for which what stream should i choose for? Arts? Commerce? Science? Diploma?…
    Presently i have +points like I am good with sketching from school and i love to do that! So this course will allow me to do what i love! Please guide me what to do after 10th ??

    • I would suggest you the stream which gives you the maximum time to improve your sketching and design skills. Also make sure the stream is easy enough for you to clear without having to invest a lot of time on academics. If I were you, I would Science in the first place. Probably commerce too.

  • Ravi

    Hiiii sir … I want to know that in this exam questions of drawing may asked or not..

    • Of course Ravi. Questions regrading drawing, sketching will be compulsorily asked as this is a design entrance exam.

  • Sakshi

    dear sir ,
    i would like to ask that where are the career options after graduation and is there any scope outside India.

    • Hi Sakshi. You can certainly apply to design studios and work as a designer in your domain. May be after that you could consider pursuing your higher studies, either a M.Des course in India or a Masters degree in abroad. Design is an evergreen field and will always have ample number of opportunities both in India and abroad.

  • Rohit

    sir,iam a bit worried about sketching . but iam interested in this course wt to do?

    • I would suggest you to improve your sketching skills by reading books and taking course on sketching basics.

  • Aishwary

    Hi Sir! I have currently completed First Year of B.E(comps) from Mumbai University. And have also managed to crack UCEED 2015 with a healthy rank. Sir, the only confusion in mind is whether to continue Engg. from MU or Switch to B.Des at IDC. May i get some help regarding the same. I have inclination towards drawings, colours and sketches (though m not a top level sketcher) and also a Good programmer. I m extremely confused on what to choose.
    Sir, it would be of great help if u could help me out with this decision and also let me know about the job prospects or higher education after this B.Des course. Also if you could express your view on whether is it healthy for me to start all again from zero for this course with a loss of a Year.

    • Hi Aishwary, first of all congrats! I would say it’s actually a big deal to clear UCEED and you have done that. IDC is one of the Top 50 Design Schools in the World and it is certainly a privilege to study in that institute. After B.Des you could pursue M.Des in India or M.A in abroad. You could also land designer jobs easily after completing B.Des. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about losing a year. Everybody does engineering, only few see beyond. No matter what you choose, give your best! Hope this was of some help!

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Hello Sir,
    I wanted to know how do I prepare for the UCEED 2016 exam I am really interested in designing and I also had a two year technical drawing course in my high school…. so if you could suggest something it would be really helpful.

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