Studying in a world renowned design school is every designer’s dream. And it’s no exaggeration when said that design students who join these institutes graduate as top designers, working in major design studios. As an aspirant designer you want to make sure you study in a design college that has the right kind of faculty to guide you, a campus environment that can motivate you and like minded students who can understand and appreciate your ideas. Most of the design institutes that can provide you with this level of quality education are mostly centered in United States and Europe. However it is not an easy task to decide which of these elite colleges you want to be in. Hence Launchpad Academy decided to come up with this exhaustive list named ‘Top 10 Design Schools in the World’ to help enthusiastic design students like you. So without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. Art Center College of Design
Located in Pasadena, California, United States, Art Center College of Design has probably made it to every Top 10 list as such. The school has an acceptance rate of 63%, offers Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Design and ensures to provide some kind of financial aid to most of its students. Chris Bangle, former Chief of Design for BMW and Dilip Chhabria, famed Indian transportation designer are few of the notable alumni of this private institution.

2. DAAP, University of Cincinnati
College of Design, Art, Architecture and Painting is established under the auspices of University of Cincinnati, Ohio, US. The college has an acceptance rate of 67.1%, offers Bachelor and Master programs in design and provides scholarships to both domestic and international students with good academic standings. Sam Lucente, director of design and brand experience at HP is one of the notable alumni of this institution.

3. Parsons The New School of Design
Parsons is a private art and design college located in New York, the city of dreams. With a collective student strength of 4200, this design school offers Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Design and has an acceptance rate of 63%. The institution highly regards a student’s English proficiency and hence your score in exams such as TOEFL, IELTS are of high importance. Cyril Tsiboulski and Allen Yee, co-founders of the interactive design studio Cloudred, are the notable alumni of this school.

4. Royal College of Art
Royal College of Art, as the name implies, is indeed a prestigious institution that has an acceptance rate of just 15.9%, which makes it one of the toughest design schools to get into. It is located in London, England, UK and offers only Master and Research programs in Design. Among the long list of notable alumni, Ian Callum, the current Director of Design for Jaguar Cars and Peter Stevens, UK’s best known vehicle designer stand high and unique.

5. Pratt Institute
Pratt Institute located in Brooklyn, New York also has a high student strength like Parsons i.e. 4688, with an acceptance rate of 67%. The school offers both Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Design and considers English proficiency as one of the main criteria for admission. The institute is still working on a financial aid plan for its international students and William Boyer, the key designer behind the iconic Ford Thunderbird is an alumni of Pratt Institute.

6. Hochschule Pforzheim
Hochschule Pforzheim, the only German design school in this list has very little to tell about itself on its website but has a legacy of being every design student’s dream design school. Established in 1877, the school offers both Bachelor and Master programs in Design. German proficiency is a must to get into Pforzheim and Michael Mauer, the Chief Designer at Porsche is one of its notable alumni.

7. Domus Academy
Domus Academy, another European design school in this list is located in Milan, Italy. The academy offers only Master program in Design and offers scholarships to both domestic and international students based on their merit and financial condition. Lorenza Baschieri, chief designer of Versace is one of Domus’ notable alumni.

8. UMEA Insitute of Design
Located in Umea, Sweden, UMEA Institute of Design offers Bachelor, Master and Ph.D programs in Design. The institute is working on a scholarship plan for its students but still deserves a place in this list for its good reputation among designers as one of the Best Design Schools in the World. Erik Ahlgren, lead designer at Ericsson is one of UMEA’s notable alumni.

9. College for Creative Studies
Coming back to United States, College for Creative Studies is a private, fully accredited design school located in Detroit, Michigan, US. This design institute has an acceptance rating of 42%, thus making it another design school in this list that’s really hard to get into. It offers Bachelor and Master programs in Design and is known for its beneficial financial aids for both domestic and international students. Ralph Gilles, known for his designs at Chrysler is a notable alumni of this design school.

10. Cleveland Institute of Art
And the last best design school to make it to Launchpad’s Best Design Schools list is Cleveland Institute of Art. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, US, the institute offers Majors in Design and has a high acceptance rate of 71%. What’s notable is 98% of the students in Cleveland Institute of Art are under some financial assistance and Phil Zak, lead designer who has held key positions at Hyundai and General Motors is an alumni of this renowned design school.

Coventry School of Art and Design in UK, IED in Turin, Italy and Savannah College of Art and Design are few of the notable mentions that we didn’t want to leave out from this list, but had to! Note that apart from language proficiency and a good academic history, you would need an impressive portfolio to be in one of these prestigious design schools, a portfolio which speaks of your sketching and design capabilities.

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