Jonathan Kasumba is one of those students Launchpad Academy is indeed proud to have. A 33-year-old industrial designer from Uganda, Jonathan is an example how age, profession and cultural differences are no barriers when it comes to learning. An active participant of our Diploma in Car Design program, here’s what Jonathan had to say about design, designers and Launchpad.

Hi Jonathan! Tell us a few things about yourself.

Hi! I am an industrial designer by profession and I currently live in Uganda. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Art and Design and I work in Kiira Motors, Uganda’s leading Automotive Original Equipment manufacturer.

How is the design scenario in Uganda and what made you choose car design as a career?

In Uganda design is still in its infancy in the context of product/ industrial design. The talent is alive and well, however opportunities to make use of this talent are pretty less. To answer your second question, I am very much inspired by the mystery of the world around us and the way nature is designed. There is a constant need to develop our surroundings and evolve with it; and what seems as science fiction today is tomorrow’s future. To me cars came out with a profound attachment to our everyday existence and car design lets us relate cars to the periods in our lives.

What are your strengths as a Designer?

I am a 3D modeler, sketch artist and a problem solver who loves aesthetics. I would say sketching, concept generation and sketch modeling are few of my strengths as a designer. Over time, since my graduation I have seen a drastic digital divide among designers and use of computer aided tools and softwares are a must today. I use 3ds Max, Photoshop, Alias and Illustrator for sketching and design purposes and Unity 3D for simulation.

How is Launchpad Academy’s DiCD course helping you?

Over years as a designer I have realized the prime importance of basics and fundamentals in car design. Complexity in design is nothing but basics multiplied again and again. Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design Program has helped me to expand my knowledge about these basics and fundamentals and learn more. Also the course is helping me to understand manual rendering techniques and new ideation methodologies. Sathiyaseelan sir’s experience is instantly reflected in his teaching and I just can’t get over his side view workflow. It is simply superb. Car design as a subject is evolving continually and through the course I could learn how car design is approached with new ideas and new ways, especially in Asia.

What are your future plans as a Car Designer?

To setup a design studio that meets the needs of industrial design here in Uganda. Automotive would be the key field of focus of the studio.

Any words/tips for fellow Design Students and Professionals?

Learning is a part of us, never stop learning. Realize your strengths and capitalize on them as a design student. Be willing to experiment and experience new things as the world keeps evolving. Strive as a designer to design different products. Finally, love what you do!


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