Gautam Merwan was an enthusiastic student of Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design program and we couldn’t be any happier when we learned that he cleared CEED 2015. We decided to have a small talk with Gautam, ask him how he was doing and congratulate him. This is what he had to say!

Hi Gautam! What are you upto these days?

Hi! Being a Mechanical Engineer by qualification it’s certainly thrilling to have cleared CEED. My rank is 347 and marks, 31/100. As I graduated recently as an engineer, I’m currently weighing my chances in the Design world and working on my personality and experiences as a designer.

Have you applied to any Design Schools yet?

Yes! The application process is going on and I have applied for Product Design at CPDM, IISc-Bangalore and waiting for other IITs to begin their admission process. Since I’m from an engineering background, I have always had a fascination for Product Design and Transportation Design. I think both these design domains are extensions of my personality and pursuit for bringing out meaningful solutions through design. I’m aware that I will be getting greater exposure by joining design schools abroad, but I’m more of a Buy Indian, Be Indian and Make in India kind of person (When we asked his views on design schools abroad). I mean look at it, we have IDC in IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and many other IITs in India that are on the same page with other top design schools in the world.

How did Launchpad Academy’s DiCD course help you?

In immense proportions! I got to know about Launchpad Academy from Facebook and was first introduced to its team in their Car Sketching Workshop at IISc, Bangalore. Being a resident of Chennai, the workshop was really worth the travel and money. And upon learning that LA’s Diploma in Car Design Program was online, I didn’t need more reasons to join the course right away. To be honest, right from learning how to hold a pencil to going through the admission processes, I have come a long way to become a designer and team Launchpad has been my biggest support during all these difficult phases. To put it in a few words, Sathiyaseelan Sir helped me to unlearn engineering and showed me how to become a designer.

Which Designer do you consider as your Role Model?

I have great regard for designers but would rather choose Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla Motors as my role model for his progressive approach towards science and entrepreneurship. I believe Design is what makes innovations great, as design is what makes people relate to these innovations. I and my friends here at VIT designed ‘The Wash Bike/WIKE’ which is a bicycle cum washing machine, intended to save money as well as time. I think design will help me turn more innovative ideas like this into real products, and better products in fact. (Very proud of his innovative project, Gautam hopes his project will be a product one day. We hope too!).

The Wash Bike

Any words/tips for fellow Design Students like yourself?

Well, I think the Launchpad team can give much better advice to design students than me because they are the ones who changed my perception about design and advised me what to do. However, I would ask my fellow design students to keep their mind open to new ideas and really, truly find themselves on their pursuit of design. Because THAT is the truest essence of a successful designer.


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