Gautam Merwan is a talented young fellow from Chennai and a dear student of Launchpad Academy. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Gautam always wanted to be a designer and study in a reputed design school like National Institute of Design (NID).  A guy who looks up to Tesla’s Elon Musk more than anybody, Merwan started his design ventures in his engineering days with his innovative ‘The Wash Bike/WIKE’ concept which is a cycle cum washing machine! A guy with many innovative ideas, Gautam shares his NID success story with us and remembers how Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design course help him achieve his dream of getting into NID. Read on!

Gautum and his WIKE Team

Gautum and his WIKE Team

Congrats Gautam! How does it feel to get into NID?
It feels great! My phone is ringing restlessly as everyone I know is calling or texting me to congratulate on my success! Last year my performance was utterly horrible, especially the Studio Test. This is my second attempt and a lot of things have changed over a year, if not hugely, significant at least. I am very happy about it.

So how was the whole NID experience?
The NID admission process in particular, is always a treat! Starting from their Design Aptitude Test which is round 1, all the way to their Studio Test and Interview which is round 2, the entire process is so awesome. Just the experience of going through their tests and having them pick your brains for what creative mess you’re really made of is really rewarding. So whether you get in or not, you definitely gain something to hold on to for life!

How were the Studio Test and Interview?
The questions were just so cool! It’s unlike anything that you see in CEED or any IIT entrance exams. Last year, the first question I was asked in the interview was ‘Which was the latest movie that you saw’! What’s more good about NID is that people they really read students and remember us. They immediately recognized me from my last year’s interview and asked what I was up to the entire year. They don’t care about your marks nor your strokes on pieces of paper, but the person and the vision behind those. They are really cool and friendly people, in the interview hall.

What kind of questions are asked in the Studio Test of NID?
There are many rounds and levels.
1. The first round is a pretty simple and straight forward task, a Live Sketching round. I was given a Porsche Cayenne SUV and was asked to draw two particular views (Front and Rear ¾ views) and a view of our choice. They provide you 30 minutes, a huge A2 paper and a ball point pen.
2. Then we were seated back inside the hall and given a booklet with our next set of questions. There were a few general questions like identification of certain cars from their pictures and noting their special features. We were also given a blank front view outline which we were supposed to complete using our imaginative skills.
3. There was also a task where we were supposed to make a model with the materials given to us of a modular seating/sleeper compartment for either a train or sleeper bus.

Gautam's Sketches

Gautam’s Sketches

How did Launchpad help you in all of this?
I am person who was always against coaching centers who promise to help you with your design skills but only end up making Design into an Engineering styled rat race. As I told, my first attempt was an utter disaster. Right from holding the pen in the right manner and drawing a straight line to sketching cars, I learnt all of it after I joined Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design course. I first attended their Car Design workshop in Chennai and the people of Launchpad seemed assuring and reliable the very day I met them. I took up their DiCD program online and the rest is history!

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