From Launchpad To NID – Shyam Prasad

From Launchpad To NID

From Launchpad To NID – Shyam Prasad

Shyam Prasad is a 23 year old mechanical engineering graduate living in Gadag, Karnataka. A design enthusiast driven by automobiles, getting into a reputed design school like NID or IDC was Shyam’s dream of many years. Shyam successfully cleared the written exam and studio tests of NID and will be pursuing his M.Des degree in Transportation and Automobile Design. He spoke to Launchpad on this joyous occasion and remembered how our Diploma in Car Design course helped him in his success and shared all the details about NID’s studio tests and other selection procedures. Read on!

Congrats Shyam! How does it feel to get into NID?
Thank you and I’m on Cloud 9 right now! It feels great. In fact this is my second attempt. Though I made it to the 5th waitlist, I was unable to clear NID’s tough entrance exams for the first time. However, I didn’t give up my hope on becoming an automobile designer. Every decimal counts in NID’s entrance score. I missed it by a mere 0.70 the first time and I’m glad I cleared it this time!

Shyam's Sketches

Shyam’s Sketches

Can you tell us more about the NID exam pattern this year?
I’ll give you a comparison rather. When I appeared for the exam for the first time, the test had about 7-10 descriptive questions and the total awarded marks was 50. But this time, the emphasis was more on creative-sketching rather than descriptive and the total marks was doubled to 100 as well, this year. The paper pattern is totally unpredictable to be honest.

Can you briefly tell us about the Studio Test following the exam?
The Studio Test wasn’t just a test, it was a whole new experience! After clearing the first round, we were asked to attend the second round at their campuses, respective of the streams we chose. I gave the entrance exam in Bangalore and the Studio Test was in Gandhinagar. The Studio Test goes on for a minimum of 2 days and can go on up to 5 days. We were offered free hostel stay during the Studio Test and the fact I was in NID campus made me reduce my stress levels and face the tests more confidently.

Shyam's Sketches

Shyam’s Sketches

What kind of questions are asked in the Studio Test of NID?
The studio test can be shortlisted to three stages.
1. We were asked to pen down three views of the scale models of the cars.
2. With a few craft items, we were given a task to complete.
3. The Interview.
Last time, we were made to sit in front of a JCB and asked to sketch three views of the JCB. The studio test, as I told earlier is a whole new experience! It is totally unpredictable, how they decide to test you. But it was a lot of fun!

How was the Personal Interview?
The interview was very cool and casual. Generally we expect interviews to be stress filled, but interviewers here go really easy on us. But they will definitely get the information they need out of us. Keeping our calm is the only preparation needed for the interview. We must know what we are talking about rather assuming or bluffing. One doesn’t need any coaching to face interviews and learn how to behave; we just have to be ourselves. And yes, we need to carry a portfolio to present the panel. In fact, carry everything and anything which shows the creative part of ourselves. Nothing is too much. The panel patiently goes through all the sketches or items that we present.

Shyam's Sketches

Shyam’s Sketches

How did Launchpad help you in all of this?
I was very disappointed when I couldn’t crack the tests for the first time. I felt it was because I didn’t put enough efforts. But it was just that I had no idea of many aspects of the car design though I wanted to pursue Transportation Design as a career. I just looked at car sketches and copied them down. But after I joined Launchpad, I got to know about perspectives, ratios and many other technical terms of car design. It totally redefined sketching for me. I think that sums up how important Launchpad was for me to get into NID!


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