7 Habits of Successful Designers

Habits of Successful Designers

7 Habits of Successful Designers

Web Designers, Fashion Designers, Car Designers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Interaction Designers, Interface Designers… designers are everywhere today. Every product, every service and every industry has a bit of ‘Design’ that’s breathing life and beauty into them. Making them more presentable, more acceptable, more usable and of course lovable.

Though they are a plenty of designers in every industry, only a handful of them succeed to reach such heights which will become new benchmarks for others to aim. And it’s not just their design skills and creativity that gets them there. It takes a lot more than that; it takes discipline, dedication and a few habits that are ingrained into one’s lives. Here is a list of such habits that every successful designer has in this ever-changing and out-of-the-box industry.

1. Successful Designers manage their ‘Precious Time’
If you have to be a successful designer, firstly you must know how precious time is to you and your clients. Successful designers plan their day, set realistic deadlines and make sure they meet those deadlines without fail. They also multitask and precisely know how many projects to focus at a time. Also they keep distractions like music, social media and emails away when they work. Lesser the distractions, sooner you complete your work!

2. Creative Designers ‘Chill’ on a regular basis
Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to say they just relax on their bums. But, creative designers know when to put their pencil down and take a break from work. Design is a creative field and it demands you to think creative, think fresh and think ahead of time. Creative designers don’t get fixated on a particular problem for hours. Instead they take a break, distract themselves and get back to it with a fresh approach. Remember, first time’s not the charm in Design!

3. Successful Designers constantly ‘Update’ themselves
Design is a very volatile industry where change is inevitable and rapid. If people’s mindset change, a designer’s mindset has to change ten folds to correspond. Successful designers always keep track of the booming industry, new trends and outdated methods. Be it the design style or the design software, they keep track of everything that’s happening in the industry, know what the newest fad is and always like to stay ahead of others. They are humble to accept change and are always keen on learning more.

Keeping Updated

Keeping Updated

4. Great Designers constantly ‘Improvise’ their skills
If you want to be a great designer, the first mistake you must avoid committing is ‘assuming that you have the finest skill-set that needs no refinement’. No designer is perfect and no matter how successful you are, your design mindset needs rework, refinement and a new approach to stay alive. Great designers always maintain a design portfolio, document all their best works and strive to out master their own works.

5. Successful Designers keep their ‘Network’ big
In order to survive in the design industry you need to have a lot of contacts, either contacts who are potential clients themselves or contacts who can introduce you to your potential clients. The phrase ‘more the merrier’ holds true in this case as the more people you know, higher the reputation among like-minded individuals. However, one must know when to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No’, because not every project is crucial to success in the design industry.

People Network

People Network

6. Successful Designers ‘Listen’ and ‘Accept’ healthy criticism
It’s usually easy to judge whether a design is good or bad, but it is not easy to come up with designs that will please everybody. First of all, successful designers take out the illusion of ‘perfection’ out of their heads and heed to their critics. They try to take the best out of any criticism and see everything under a positive light. However, successful designers are also good orators, who can convince people and also explain why they should be convinced.

7. Successful Designers always design keeping their ‘User’ in the mind
The purpose of design has always been simplifying life through innovative ideas. Design on a broader perspective is not about patterns or colors, it’s about the usability of a product or service and crucial it is to mankind’s growth, based on its function and cost. Successful designers always make sure to keep their user’s preferences as the underlay to design anything; simply put they always put their user ahead of their design.

Functionality of Design

Functionality of Design



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