Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design program is an intensive 3 month Car Design and Sketching course that covers all the basics and essentials of Car Design. If you are an aspirant design student who is very keen on learning Car Design, our Diploma in Car Design online course is a great place to get yourself started to have a bright design career ahead.

The 3 month course is conducted on an interactive online platform called WizIQ.  The course comprises of 10 online classroom sessions altogether, each of 3 hour duration. To help enthusiastic students and professionals manage their personal schedules and the online course hand in hand, the Diploma in Car Design course is scheduled only on weekends. The online classes will be conducted by Mr. Sathiyaseelan Gangaslam, Launchpad’s head faculty, who is also the Head of Styling at Ashok Leyland. Our associate faculty, Vishal Hemanth and Arjun Moger will assist Sathiya Sir and the students during the entire course, ensuring its smooth functioning.

The course is designed to enable learners to conceptualize, sketch and render automobiles backed with sound design knowledge. The course starts with an introductory class dedicated to car design and design communication. Followed by this, the learners will be rigorously taught the fundamentals of sketching and car sketching over an elaborate period of time. Side by side they will also be trained to develop their sketching and rendering skills both on paper and on digital platforms using the design kit provided by Launchpad itself. Assignment and Project submissions are a part of the course to enable the learners self-evaluate their skill level and show improvement over the course of time; finally being able to design a concept car all by themselves.

This article is focused on giving a brief introduction to the intuitive assignments Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design Course includes. A total of 10 assignments will be given by the end of the online course, one in each classroom session.

DiCD Assignment 1- Evolution in Car Design

Students of our diploma course are supposed to study the evolution of car design over time and document the same. The assignment aims to enable the student to understand various design cultures and express their views.

DiCD Assignment 2- Introduction to Sketching

This assignment enables the student to refine his/her sketching skills by getting started on the basics such as drawing straight lines and ellipses showing precision and consistency.

DiCD Assignment 3A- Understanding Car Proportions

Part 1 of the third DiCD assignment, this particular assignment helps the students to understand one of the most important aspects of Car Design i.e. Proportions and prompts them to analyze the different vehicle segments (hatchback, sedan, SUV etc.) available in the car industry today.

DiCD Assignment 3B- Two and Three Point Perspective

As the name implies, the assignment helps students understand and master perspective sketching which is one of the basic construction technique any designer must be aware of.

DiCD Assignment 4- One Point Perspective

Assignment 4 is an extended part of Assignment 3 which also involves understanding of perspective sketching basics.

DiCD Assignment 5A and 6- Perspective

Assignment 5A and 6 are further explorations of Perspective assignments considering their primal importance in Car Design.

DiCD Assignment 5B- Sketching Fundamentals

This assignment enables students to explore and enhance their sketching abilities by drawing perfect circles applying the principles of perspectives.

DiCD Assignment 7- Side View Doodles

This doodling assignment is mainly intended to help students express their innovative ideas and concept car sketches in the form of doodles and rough sketches which will be reviewed by the Launchpad faculty.

DiCD Assignment 8- Existing Car Sketch

In this assignment, students are asked to sketch their favorite cars by applying the knowledge of perspectives, line quality and various other car design fundamentals they have gained so far.

DiCD Assignment 9- Shading and Lighting Study

As the name implies the assignment helps students to understand and practice shading and lighting of the car surfaces which is very much essential for marker rendering and digital rendering of cars.

DiCD Assignment 10- Doodles

The assignments deals with  doodles that the students have to work on to come up with the sketch and design of their own concept car, which is the final project of Launchpad Academy’s Diploma in Car Design program.

On successful completion and review of these assignments and the final project, the students will be awarded their Diploma in Car Design certificate from Launchpad Academy.


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