Dilip Chabria

Dilip’s love for cars started with his fascination for doodling them on every surface at his home. Armed with a commerce degree and with no idea on what to do with his future was when he chanced upon an advertisement that said-“Do you want to be a car designer?” A surprised Dilip realized that his hobby could culminate into a career too. He applied to the Automotive Design Arts Center in California where he majored in transportation design. He cut short his stint with General Motors because of the red tape associated with working in huge corporations. The same Dilip goes on to become the automobile style guru and founder of DC designs whose repertoire includes designing expensive cars, executive jets, helicopters, designing yachts and making India’s first sports car, DC Avanti.



Dilip’s father ran an electronic manufacturing business where he was given a little space and an ultimatum of one month to do whatever he wants to. With a team of 3 on the design venture, he makes an indigenous design of a horn in the shape of a ring for Premier Padmini in the replacement market. Selling each of the piece at 40 rupees apiece when the making charges were only eight rupees meant that his hobby could be successful as a provider of bread and butter. He ended up making more money in the 1 month than his dad made in the whole year. In a wise move, his dad gave him the entire factory.

He designed his Gypsy in 1992 and vowed to give his all for the design because it was being done for him, it had the desired impact, people everywhere thronged to look at his now remodeled car. He sold the car to invest in his business. For a brief period, he had signed an exclusivity deal with Mahindra where he worked on the Armada and other concepts that later led to the creation of Scorpio. A non-conformist that he was, he quit being a part of the deal to concentrate working on any car that he is fascinated with.

Not only does he indulge in designing cars for India’s uber rich, he has the distinction of making the first prototype for the Aston Martin Vanquish that appeared in James Bond’s Die Another Day. His website describes him as someone with the sensibility of an artist and the mind of an engineer.

He believes that the toughest car to customize would be the Porsche 911 as he opines that it is difficult to alter something with a design as perfect as that. Dilip is quite the painter too, a hobby which he indulges in on Sundays. Also known to sculpt, he has a full-fledged studio in his factory where he uses the same materials as in his cars to make sculptures like plastic, acrylic, fiber glass and steel. These are then displayed in his showrooms in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. In his own words-“Those who can’t afford to customize or buy my car can have a piece of DC design through my art work”.

Dilip’s DYPDC Center for Automotive Research and Studies offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in automobile styling which is based in Pune. In fact, before the end of the program, students are supposed to build an automobile to get their degrees.

In a list of glowing achievements that would trump most achievers, he has created India’s first sports car, DC Avanti. Chhabria reckons that this is the first Made-in-India sports car and was created with today’s youngsters in mind. The commercial launch was done from its dealership Aadivenoo Motors in Pune.  Each piece of beauty was priced at 35.93 lakh rupees, available in three standard colors of red, white and silver, in addition to any customized color choice. This is the first time Dilip’s company has ventured into manufacturing segment of the automobile industry. Despite a slowdown in the automobile segment, Dilip’s DC Design would never go out of work because it caters to a niche market where money is nary a matter.

dc go

Not only would DC design 25 foot limousines, but they have also come up with design enhancer kits for small cars such as Tata Nano and other models like Maruti Swift, Toyota Innova and Honda City. The cost for the same would be around 50,000 to 150,000 rupees. These customization kits are shipped to Carnation Auto, a company founder by former MD of Maruti Suzuki

dc go

The services that are offered at DC designs are the following:

  1. Styling: Vehicles, Aviation and CAS.
  2. Show car & Prototype Build.
  3. Customized and Armored Vehicles Builds.
  4. Special Purpose Vehicles Builds.
  5. Bespoke Furniture.

The Dilip Chhabria Design Private Limited is credited with more than 600 designs boasting of an employee strength of 300.

Dilip Chhabria has made his passion grow to a stage where his company is the largest auto accessory manufacturer in the country. Catering to the needs of B2B and B2C firms and individual clients by providing innovative automobile design solutions, DC makes this happen through system integration, automobile styling and knowledge of the craft. The end result is an amalgamation of pure unadulterated automobile lust and genius on display. Dilip’s company has put India on the global map of automobile design. DC’s products bear a striking resemblance to its creator’s work ethics in terms of its design, finish and fulfilling requirements of a client.

Suzuki R3 (interior) Shahrukh_Khan_Caravan_2 Shahrukh_Khan_Caravan DC Gaia


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  • Abhay Singh

    Most important of all… You had an option because of your father.

    • Omkar surve

      Money is imp for abroad study

      • Sourav960

        To follow your passion its not a matter

    • Kranti Ranjan

      But he’s still standing becuse of his own talent. If you dont have sumthing dont complain. Earn it.

      • Shaan Chauhan

        Yeahhhhhh …. U R absolutely right…..✌👍

    • Munish

      India dont lack in wealthy people bt lack in people who use their wealth to change something

    • Charla

      I’m not easily imdsserep. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      True but his talent is what did the entire talking #respect!!!

    • Tejas Surve (dc's assistant's brother)

      Abhay Singh you are totally right… But if D C won’t take his career seriously…. He couldn’t reach so high!!!!

    • Madhur


    • Anonymous

      Thats is definately true

    • M

      Good one..

    • Rajpoot

      If there is a will there is a way…

      • Shaan Chauhan

        I haven’t thought much about designing but this person’s ability to find out his talent is awsm and developing it this much is speechless…..i liked that quality of DC

    • Altaf Mulla

      My father my luck because I worked hyundai vehecle

    • The truth speaker

      Ya he is what he is because he had his father along him all time …..there are many people in this world who are as or maybe more capable than him but lag behind because they dont have any economical or mutual support. He is not a self made man.

      • Harshad Bhandari

        Very true..


        Its true.. If DC havent got his parents support or financial support. Then he even cant think about reaching on this position. Do dout he is talented but without his dads support and financial support he cant reach at this place.. .
        Their are lots of more people who are talented but because financial they lack behind…

        • Salman Khan


      • Akash

        Dude, you can easily get a students loan and repay it after u get a job. Don’t whine about things like this.

    • Reeckeyoo

      Amazing . . .

    • Ravi

      You are write bro..

    • Rahul

      Agreed! you can make money only if your father already have it in access!!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Well said bro

    • Adarsh

      Bro if u have passion to do something then your way can’t b blocked by having father or not having father… The creativity comes in your mind not your father’s mind.. He has just to support you… If he don’t then you are not a good son of him ..
      Just be positive

      • Kartik

        Well said

    • Ashish


    • Anonymous

      grt job brother.

    • Ajmal Dodge

      Bad workmen will always blame their tools 🙂

  • Reda B


    This is really an envious/jealous comment.
    You can be anything you want based on your will and hard work.

    We are different people with different background but we all have one capacity to think , create, construct and build a future.

    Learn from people how tge achieve things but not judge them on the wealth of their father or grand fathers.

    If you think that way , then go to look at what drove their grand father.

    Same thing hard work and commitment.

    Life is not easy and you dont get things tomorrow; you need months or years before becoming something tgat uou wish particularly if you come from a modest family. But you can succeed still with the right positive attitude

  • Satyam singh

    i was only 14 but I want to be a car dasiner and avanti is my favourite car

  • Gulab

    Wow ausumn Dilip sir

  • Saurabh

    Become a fan of dc…..

  • Subham Saha

    I am a bba student n I too want to work in DC please tell me how I can work in ur company pleas contact me at mvsaha@gmail.
    I am fond of cars n making them different from others.

  • Dheeraj

    he have that potential….very inspiring

  • Anonymous


  • Sahil P. Ghom


  • Prabhpreet yoga trainer

    sir today i watched ur reality. ma eyz are jst shining

  • Ajay

    I like cars

  • Pratik Gokani

    DC’s back support was massive for higher studies.Bt abviously great approach by him….if someone get chance under DC for like designing opportunity,he will also done a great job but condition is that his passion would be like DC.

  • Yuvaraj Ganeshram

    Hi, Can you give me a job in your firm DC DESIGN?

  • Mahesh Chavan

    Nice article
    DC design s r amazing ……

  • Your Name

    DC avanti certainly looks like Bugatti… coincidence ??

  • Your Name

    DC avanti certainly looks like Bugatti… coincidence ?? nah I dnt think so..

  • Anonymous

    aweskme work….Hats off to mr.dilip chabaria

  • Himanshu

    All his designs are copy… I will give the credit for a good copy, not design when it comes to automobiles.

  • Sandeep

    Hi my name is sandeep and I m also love cars and I want to make my own car byt i dont have a tools I have desgines.I apriciate and like DC desgine

  • Shiva

    Nice and enthusiastic.

  • Mriganka das

    my dream….. wish i have one of those….. awesome design…

  • Stephen

    Dc are cheater…copying design from others

  • Vishal Chandanshive (VC)

    Uniqueness matters everything……SUCCESS never stop

  • Mohammed kafil

    sirrrr I am big fan of u…specially ur new modifie inova is so awesome….sir plzzs give me the chance to work with u as aa assistant or give me the training under ur hand….plzzz sir the cars of dc is awesome

  • Vivek Venugopal

    DC built the Aston Martin V8 Vantage concept car and not the Vanquish that James Bond drove. As far as I know, he built the prototype (not designed) as per the design and specifications from Aston Martin at a fraction of the cost. That was quite an achievement for an Indian firm and impressed Aston Martin engineers.

  • Akash thakuria

    sir i have so many car Design i want to send to you

  • Sushil shambhavani

    Awesome cars

  • Vish ahire

    i proud sir beacous your an INDIAN famous car disener

  • Munna sharma

    I also want to unik design but I don’t under stand how can start from and many more questions

  • Chinmoy Lahon

    I am a very crazy fan of you DC Sir,can you give me a opportunity to work in your team.And also I am a automobile engineer too.Please if you want me then contact me I can work very hard.

  • Ankit

    nice modal

  • Raj shahrukh j

    I like car and I am interested in car designing course. ..

  • Mohit Kumar

    You should enter car racing arena…..i’ll be the driver….

  • Krishankant

    Thousands of people can design and performe but all ends at money. DC is one from them who born with silver spoon. But yes i love the designs and mods done by DC.

  • Amlan Saharia

    Most impressive

  • Bodu Momin

    Sir I am a automobile student plz cont me sir…..thanku…

  • Arjun desai

    Is der any option to modify with Tata indica dls engine to increase performance

    In low budget

  • Chirag sharma

    I also want to be like uh….

  • Chirag sharma

    I aslo want to be like uh .. sir…

  • Angith. K

    My dream tooo To design automobiles and defence equipments for india

  • Rohit sain

    hello dc design i alway wanted doing something creating things i have a vission of Art n passion i know
    i didnot choose dream they choose me
    my family condition is too bad
    i need u support n appournity to show my tallent skill ,ideas greatness vission of my Art to show my brain
    i hope u understand DC
    rohit sain

  • Skhaider

    Mr….chhabria…pls open a kolkats

  • Pradeep k s

    Dear Sir,
    Since your start the very first carvings done on Premier Padmini bound for the U S and to the recent Avanti just great. DILIP CHABRIA is not a name a phenomenon name for every auto buff of India. Many designs illustrating the creativity at the best. And the association for production for the James Bond move just worth mentioning for D C designs and there off.
    What matters me is that one particular two seat ‘r car din’t evoke the response on that time when it was designed.But at this moment that car is much required to negate the traffic snarls and other nuisances traversed by each and every motorist of urban part of our nation. So sir please launch that car at an affordable price.
    As per your academy May the almighty show the way to start at each and every city of India. Because due to various facts many talents have been stubbed and DC should pave the way for their talents exposure. In context please reach out the every possible nook and corner of the vast nation by scouting each and every garages,paint shops, body building,coach works and like wise.

  • Mike007

    perfect example of where luck can take a person!!!
    hideous designs but considered top designer of India!!! God please save Indian Design Industry

  • Nitin Noyal

    Sir I wish to learn costumizing car


    love your design sir!! may i also make cars like u.

  • Suman.N

    Boss i want to be like you please help me

  • RD

    Wat if DC couldn’t afford to go abroad….?
    Where would he be standing today?????

  • Ahammed hisham

    Hai sir, i am very amazing and I love cars, and my dream is also a car disigner,my ambition is also this,but I don’t know, how I need in my dream, pls help me

  • Gaurav

    The fact that the DC Avanti looks identical to that of Lamborghini gallardo & aventador is really depressing as a DC fan for me.

  • Pritham kumar

    I am very passionsed about cars …nd well, very much intrested in desinging cars …. To reach my goal trying my level best..
    Nd sir dilip chabbria , i regularly follow ur articles … And i am a big fan of u sir…nd u r the inspiration to me.

  • Ankit

    Should have used lykan hypersport light for its fearness
    or led,s

  • Kekhrie

    I salute you for your hard working that you achieved your goal successfully….

  • Sunil rathod

    Nice sir

  • Nilesh bagal

    Dc sir,is my god i follow him to make my carrier ….one day i become DC car designer

  • Darshan

    That was quite inspirational for people like me who is interested in product n automobile designing

  • Sandeep

    What is the full form of DC

  • Anonymous

    most important thing is your family they doesnt let you to travel abroad and second thing money is important you have to stay there for long time . if two this are easy in your life then you should go .am also a commerce student i want to be there but unfortunately i dont have enough finance so i have to search in india

  • Imran idrisi

    i like your job sir but i want training in your company plz sir one chance

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