CarDesign.ru (the famous Russian car design forum) and  Italian design school Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milano) have announces new Sketch Fighter — 2017  car design contest! First prize is a 100% scholarship for Master courses in Transportation design at SPD Milan
The contest consists of five qualifying and one final round. Qualifying rounds last for 24 hours, final one is 48 hours. There will be voting after each qualifying round. Voting lasts for 23 hours. Fifteen best participants, who get the most score during qualifying round will be admitted to final round. Judges from SPD School  will choose the winner of contest.

Please Note that you can’t use previously published works! and please don’t try to mislead the voting: if we participants are found to be manipulating results , they will be immediately dis-qualified. Please make sure you submit your original work only.
Each round starts at 22:00 (Moscow time, UTC +03:00) i.e 12. 30 am IST  participants must submit their works within 24 hours for qualifying rounds, and within 48 hours for final one. For example, 1st round will start June, 23 at 22:00 and will end June, 24 at 22:00. Tasks will be published at the start of the rounds. Participants should post their works at our forum at open section, registration is not mandatory.
Time table (Moscow time, UTC +03:00)
1st round: start — June, 23 at 22:00, end — June, 24 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of June, 25;
2nd round: start — June, 25 at 22:00, end — June, 26 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of June, 27;
3rd round: start — June, 27 at 22:00, end — June, 28 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of June, 29;
4th round: start — June, 29 at 22:00, end — June, 30 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of July, 1;
5th round: start — July, 1 at 22:00, end — July, 2 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of July, 3.
Final round — start July, 5 at 22:00, end — July, 7 at 22:00. The winners will be named at the end of July.
The winner of the contest will get 100%-scholarship for Master courses in Transportation design at SPD Milano.
Note: Scholarship can be applied only to participants, who have at least 3 years of education at any university, institute of higher education or college.

We strongly urge students of Launchpad Academy to apply for the car design  contest. This is a great opportunity to get a scholarship to study car design at SPD, Italy especially for students from India . Watch the video of Launchpad Alumni and SPD Student give some tips on applying to design schools in Italy.

if you are a aspiring car designer, check our  car design course