Diploma in Car Design

Diploma in Car Design

Diploma in Car Design

Diploma in CAR DESIGN offered by Launchpad Academy, is a 2.5 Month (10 weeks) Instructor-led, Intensive,  Online Course.

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Course Fee: Rs. 9999/-  plus taxes (for Indian Nationals) and 300 USD for international. 

Option to Pay in Two Easy Installments (Call Roshan on  080-304-59865) if you need any help)


Mr. Sathiyaseelan Gangasalam, is Head of Styling – Ashok Leyland.

He has an M.Des Degree from IDC, IIT Delhi. He has consulted and led teams in automotive styling at Tata Motors, Tata Elxsi, TVS and General Motors before joining Ashok Leyland. He is passionate about teaching Design to young minds.


After the completion of the diploma, you should be able to conceptualize, sketch and render a complete automobile with complete design knowledge.


All those students and professionals who are keen to start a career in Automotive Design.


None: Only Passion for CARS!


Transportation / Automobile design is the process of designing the appearance of automobiles, including cars, trucks, vans, buses, and even motorcycles for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.

Every automobile starts with a simple idea, and it’s a transportation designer’s job to come up with these ideas.  The interior and exterior of every vehicle on the market today was designed by automobile designers. These designers are usually responsible for the styling which means to make the vehicle attractive and are also partly responsible for designing the shape of the car as well. Besides making a vehicle attractive, designers also influence the color scheme of an automobile.

The DiCD course provides fundamental knowledge to Transportation Design practice primarily concentrating on Cars. The course is targeted at those who are passionate and interested in Car Design but were not trained due to lack of opportunity and wish to gain a broad foundation in this area. We primarily cover hand skills such as sketching and rendering with various media such as pencils, pens, paint, markers and digital.

The faculty has diverse global experience designing and managing Transportation Design for some of the world’s best known brands working from design offices in India and Japan and is the GM and Head of Styling of one of the largest commercial vehicles manufacturer in the world.

Our aim is to provide enthusiasts with relevant high quality continuing education taught by some of the most experienced and recognized designers in the country, and directed towards learning the skills needed to prepare a portfolio of concepts

  • to apply as prospective design students to a design school and/or
  • to add as an additional skill-set when applying to an industry job.



1 Introduction to Car Design Overview of Transportation / Automobile Design.What is Car Design?Historical perspective on Car DesignWhat do Car Designers do?Some important Car designers & Case historiesTrends in Car DesignDesign processAutomotive design – body styles, layout, proportions, themes
2 Design Communication Introduction to sketching as communicating toolSketches classification – Ideation sketches, Exploratory sketches, Explanatory sketches, Persuasive sketchesSketching Basicslearning to sketch straight lines
learning to sketch circles and ellipsesSketching exercises to train your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work
3 Sketching Fundamentals – Part 1 Applying Sketching techniques – lines, circles, ellipsesIntroduction to Perspective Theory1-Point Perspective sketchingGeometry – cubes, cylinders, spheres
4 Sketching Fundamentals – Part 2 2-Point Perspective sketchingSketching geometry shapes in 2 Point Perspective
5 Sketching Fundamentals – Part 3 Building Blocks to Car SketchingSketching a block carUsing primitive shapes to build a car in perspectiveUnderstanding the basic form and proportions of a car sketch
6 Sketching Fundamentals – Part 4 Understanding Light & Shadow – Highlights, Reflections, Cast, Core, ShadowWheel Sketching
7 Car Sketching Fundamentals – Part 1 Using block car techniques to sketchside-view of a Car
front and rear view of a Car>
3/4 front and rear view of a Car
8 Car Sketching Fundamentals – Part 2 Freehand Sketching a car using 1-Point Perspective and 2-Point Perspective
9 Sketch Rendering Fundamentals Approach rendering with proper methodologies for executionUnderstanding how to render Reflective surfacesUnderstanding Contrast, Highlights, and ColorRendering Exercise 1 – Pencil/Pen shadingRendering Exercise 2 – Marker Rendering
10 Concept Sketching and Digital Rendering Concept sketching CarsRendering Exercise 3 – Using Digital Methods to render the concept sketches


The course ends with a concept car project executed by individual students which needs to be presented through drawings, collages, sketches and renderings – The final combination of all the previous lessons.

Portfolio preparation to document both course progress in mastering “car sketching” as well as demonstrate the capacity for creativity and design.



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  • Mohamed Ali

    I want to join in this course

    • Please contact one of our student coordinators, Shreyas or Abhiskek on these numbers, +917259437774 and +918971153007.

      • Mina

        Never seen a betetr post! ICOCBW

        • Pravin Madhuker shirsat

          My mob no is 7058878306 plz call me I shall wait your reply.

    • Hemant belhekar

      Hi l am joint your class

  • Avinash Prithvi Raj Kakinada

    I want to Join this course but I need the following details clearly

    1. When are these courses available? (Dates)
    2. Materials?

    • Hi Avinash. The Diploma in Car Design course is an online program and we have a new batch coming in every month. The class is run on an interactive online platform called WizIQ and the classes will be only on weekends to help your busy schedule. Our next batch is commencing this Sunday i.e. 15th of March, 2015.

      You will be provided a Car Design kit from Launchpad Academy which includes sketching material such as Copic Bleedproof Sheets, Letraset Promarkers and Prisma Color Pencils.

      The payment can be done online as well as directly at our Basaveshwaranagar office. The course fee is Rs.9,999 and an installment scheme is also available.

      Here’s the contact details of our student coordinators who will provide you more details on the same. Thank you.

      Abhishek- +918971153307
      Shreyas- +917259437774

  • Ali

    Career opportunities after completion of the course?

    • Hi Ali. After successful completion of the course and all the assignments given, Launchpad Academy will try its best to get you internships and designer jobs in design studios located in Bangalore. However, it’s upto your skill and talent to land the job, retain it and excel.

  • Aditya mukharji

    I also wanna join this course

    • For more details contact one of our student coordinators, Shreyas or Abhiskek on these numbers, +917259437774 and +918971153007.

    • Janisa

      Good to see a talnet at work. I can’t match that.

  • Solomon david

    Hello Im solomon from chennai & im very much interested in your course.wen is d next batch starts and i found a problem while payment through online..is there anyother mean.is it a certified course?im preparing for automotive design masters so it might be useful if i learn daily.can i have classes daily?.it helps me prepare my portfolio soon.

    • Hi Solomon. May be the online payment didn’t work because you tried to pay the amount for an ongoing batch that’s already full. The next batch starts on 25th April, 2015. The classes will be only on weekends, a total of 10 classes over a span of 3 months. However, if you are willing to learn daily and hone your sketching skills, you can use the recorded sessions we provide again and again. For more details contact one of our student coordinators, Shreyas or Abhiskek on these numbers, +917259437774 and +918971153007.

      • Solomon david

        Thanks for your reply. I tried contacting but no response from those no’s.
        when will be the booking open for 25th april batch.
        I want to join this course immediately for sure ,please contact me 9952749074-solomon.
        I believe that i will hear from u soon.

  • Venus

    Hii! I want to know about study material provided by launch pad for this course??

    • Hi. We provide a Design Kit which includes two Letraset ProMarkers, a Prisma Color Pencil and bleed proof sheets. Along with these materials, you will be provided with a study material to keep up with the online classes.

  • Mihir.Patel.

    Hi I am Mihir Patel, fom Gujarat

    I want to Join this course but I need the following details

    When are these courses available? (Dates)

  • Ajay arote

    Hiii. Am ajay
    I want to join this course but i hv some questions
    1. HW i join ur course onln
    २. What material u are provide
    ३.what Career opportunities after completion of the course?

  • Tejas upankar

    Hi…I’m Tejas from Mumbai.I just given last year’s exam of diploma in automobile engineering & I’m very much interested in your course. I want more information about course.

  • Chris Jacob

    Where s d place location of ur academy. Installment of payment

    • Hi Chris. One of our student coordinators will soon contact you with all the details of the payments and installment.

  • Jomin

    i am a mechanical engineer, now i am working at delhi. so is your institute in delhi also. I would like to join. please reply

    • No Jomin. We are located in Bangalore. However, our Diploma in Car Design is an online course. You can join our course from Delhi itself. One of our student coordinators will contact you soon!

  • Thimmareddy

    When does the next batch starts as I missed last one .. Also tel me are there any direct classroom programmes ..

    • The next batch begins in July. And yes, we are planning to start a classroom batch soon, most likely next month!

  • Khalil

    When does the next batch start?

  • Mani Raj

    When is the June 2015 batch about to start?

    Is there any regular time design course in your campus? If yes , what is the duration of those course? Hopping for your reply. Thank you in advance.

    • The June batch has already begun Mani and the seats are filled too. You can join our July batch. One of our student coordinators will contact you soon with all the details.


    Hi, I’m Sudarshan from Chennai and I’ve just completed my B-tech and I’m very keen about automobile design
    1. Is this available only as an online course or as a classroom course too?
    2.What is the duration of this course?
    3. Do you provide a certification after the completion of this course and is it recognized by Universities in India and abroad?
    Thank you, any help would be appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Sudarshan! Firstly, we sincerely appreciate your interest in automobile design. And coming to your questions

      1. Yes. We offer only the online course as of now but we are planning to start the classroom course pretty soon, most likely next month
      2. The course duration is 3 months
      3. Yes. After completion, you get an industry certified course completion certificate.

  • Roshan RB

    please mention the upcoming dates from which the fresh batches are going to start.

    • Hi Roshan. Our upcoming batch is going to start this July. One of our student coordinators will soon contact you with all the details.

  • Satya

    When will the next batch starts today 18 6 2015 plz update me my no 8374871555

  • Prashant khalkho

    i would like to register for the online diploma course in car design. kindly give me the details for registration.

  • Prashant khalkho

    i want to register the diploma course in car design starting in july. kindly send me the details of registration procedure. i had called on the numbers provided above but none responded.

    • Yes Prahanth, we are processing all the registrations. One of our student coordinators will contact you soon.

  • Vinay

    Can I know whether there is any batch strting in mid aug so that i can join the course

    • Yes Vinay. We will be having a batch starting in August most likely. We will keep you updated. Please senf an enquiry mail to info@launchpadacademy.in or contact one of our student coordinators – Shreyas +917259437774 | Shriram +918971153307

  • Shubham saini

    Can u provide a regular class room course for diploma in car design…and i m very interesting in exterior car body design is it helpful for me..

  • Aditi


    1. Do you have similar diploma courses for other areas of design? I’m also interested in the areas of Human Computer Interface and User Experience. If there is anything those areas also, please do point me in the right direction.

    2. I am not very knowledgeable about cars. Will this be a problem? I’m willing to do the reading up that might be required.


    • Hi Aditi. First and foremost I appreciate your interest in Design studies. Though our course emphasizes on Car Design, the fundamental concepts that we teach in our course such as sketching basics, perspective sketching will help you in all domains of design. Secondly, we are launching an online interior design course is August. If you’re interested, here’s more details on that – http://launchpadaca.wpengine.com/interior-design-course/.

  • Masood Khan

    Sir, I just completed my engineering and wanted to join car design course. when is the next batch starting. And i wanted to know when you are starting the classroom course.

    • Hi Masood. Our next batch is starting on July 11. One of our student coordinators will contact you soon and if it is not possible to join this batch, you can most certainly join our August batch!

  • Yash simon thakur

    i want to learn this course and i am an engineering student,1-i want to learn this course
    2-materials?,3-payment?,4-address of your institution and office

    • Hi Yash! Glad that you are interested in our course. Here are the course details

      1. A 3 month online course
      2. A design kit will be provided which includes advanced sketching material and imported stationary
      3. Course fee is Rs.9999/- for single registration and Rs.8999/- for group(two or more) registration
      4. Our office is located in Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore. For more details on the address please visit the Contact Us section of the site.

      One of our student coordinators will contact you soon with all the details.

  • Jignesh bhanushali

    1:what qualification is needed to apply for this course. 2:time period to complete this course? 3:after completing this course is there any need for doing some other courses in colleges or it is more than enough….provide me the link for online courses

  • Rhythm Panchal

    Hello, I would like to know when a new batch starts, and the rest details about the course. Also, does my admission gets cancelled if I am not able to complete the course within the said time?

    • Journey

      I’m imrpessed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

  • Tushar Joge

    I want to do this course as i will complete 10 can i come to you for learning

    • Launchpad

      ofcourse. please contact us

  • Omkar

    When next batch will be start..?

    • Launchpad

      December first week. please leave your contact details and we will get back to you

      • Mattie

        Lot of smarts in that postgni!

  • Dhawal more

    Will there be any batch in January? I would like to attend the same.

  • Gavin

    I have some question for that
    is it :
    I wanna apply for Pforzheim University ,and there have an admission condition is
    :a bachelors or diploma degree in Industrial or Transportation Design with minimum 180 ECTS credits
    I wanna know this intensive three months courses can help me to apply that one ,or not ?

  • Zuhail

    Can you please tell me i am giving the test for maeer’s MIT b.des ? I want to know is btech important to do b.des and I want to ask you if you can get me a CD for your programme I may not be able to pass the entrance exam for MIT but then I will join your Course please please reply it will be a big help please reply here don’t tell to contact your students coordinCan you please tell me i am giving the test for maeer’s MIT b.des ? I want to know is btech important to do b.des and I want to ask you if you can get me a CD for your programme I may not be able to pass the entrance exam for MIT but then I will join your Course please please reply it will be a big help please reply here don’t tell to contact your students coordinator

  • Agney Mohanty

    Sir , I want to join this course .One problem that I hve done diploma & b-tech in mechanical engineering & I m very fond and interested in car design.pls help me sir what to do.This course does not have offline course at Bangalore.

  • Anmol kalsi

    I really want to learn, so when can i apply

    • Launchpad

      please call /whatsapp us on the numbers given on the contact us page

  • Surendar

    I want to join this course can I? Plz send me message to join plz

  • Somaiya Changappa

    Interested for the design profile. Want to understand the complete details.

    Pls revert 09434260325.

  • Somaiya Changappa

    Share the complete details for the course.

    Pls revert 09434260325.

  • Bhavik kumawat

    Hello, firstly i want to know about this course in brief. Whre this course can teach, this is beneficial to us or not, when this batch will starts. Even i m so exited to do this couse. So plz contct me on my mail..

    • Launchpad

      please call us for details 9632027594

  • Rihal pirjade

    Plz sir Ru request ans my question i am interested in job plz help agen.

  • Anonymous

    Sir me ye course karna chahata hu kya ye course online hota hai

  • Mohit gadam

    is there any qualification needed to do this course?

    • Launchpad


  • Jay bhilare

    I am admission car designing CET passed exame

  • Digambar sahni

    I learning to car manufacturing training

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