Diploma in Car Design

Diploma in Car Design

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Course Description Welcome Students for the DIPLOMA in CAR DESIGN program Whether you’re a brand new to sketching or an old hand at it,  you will find something useful here, something to help you become an even better at your skill and more specifically a car designer. The course is activity-based, designed to dig into the craft of automotive sketching, to show you practical strategies and techniques, to reveal options and opportunities you might not have noticed or had the chance to learn before. We’ll cover a lot of territory in the next ten weeks and will require you to practice and work as much as possible.

All You Need To Know About The Course

1. Intensive 3 months course covering all aspects of Car Design                                                2. Interactive Online Course taught by a Mentor                                                                              3. Content Created By – Mr.Sathiyaseelan Gangasalam, Head of Styling at Ashok Leyland                                                                                                                                                             4. Access to recorded classroom sessions 24×7                                                                                5. FREE Design Kit including study material and imported stationary                                   6. Assistance in skill development and portfolio preparation 7. Self-Assessment tests and assignments at the end of each clas

Course Structure:

About the course
Faculty for the Course
Section 3 – SKETCHING
Section 5 – RENDERING
Frequently asked questions
This is an entirely web-based course. You may complete all course work from your home as long as you have an internet connection. This course includes weekly deadlines and will adhere to a weekly schedule that includes many activities, including discussions, assignments, quizzes, etc. Due to the nature of this course, submission deadlines are strict.
While this is a web-based course, we are easily accessible. You are welcome to contact us by email, chat, Skype, WhatsApp or phone. Contact person: Arjun / Roshan Preferred method of contact: You are welcome to contact us by email, chat, WhatsApp or phone. We will be creating a WhatsApp group for every batch where you can discuss and exchange your ideas and thoughts on auto-mobiles with your fellow batch students. One of our team members will be a part of the group who can be contacted for any queries/doubts during the course. We normally check our email several times per day, and we will respond to your email as quickly as possible. We will, at a minimum, make every effort to respond to email within 24 hours. Office hours: Monday to Saturday (9:30AM to 6:30PM)
There are 3 key steps to success in online learning: STEP 1: Before the Class Begins- Be sure to review the readiness tips, login and learn how to use WizIQ app. STEP 2: The First Week of Class- Make sure that you login on the first day of class, become oriented to the course, and read the entire syllabus. STEP 3: During the Semester-Be sure to login before the class starts, interact in discussions as required, keep a schedule and planner, and submit your assignments or assessments on time. Please make sure to check your registered email account. Thank you for taking our online course! We hope you have a great semester!

It’ll be fun. We promise!



1 Introduction to Car Design (Preview)

Length: 90 minutesAuthor: LaunchpadComplexity: Easy

First few classes we are going to work on the fundamentals of sketching(perspectives)
later we are going to work on skill development (sketching existing cars , understanding benchmarks)
then designing a futuristic car, things to be noted while designing a car for the future

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