Top 10 Interior Design Colleges in India

Until the 80s, the study of interior design was only considered to be a part of architecture studies. But with changing times, lifestyle trends and evolving mindset of the people, interior design has grown to become a fully-fledged professional course today. The number of people dwelling in cities is off the charts and unfortunately living spaces are shrinking day by day. This calls for smart usage of space and who else to the rescue other than Interior Design! So yes, interior design is in its prime time in India and the industry is looking for lakhs of talented interior designers, professional and freelancers alike.

So if you are an aspiring interior designer looking for Interior Design Courses and Colleges in India, here’s a comprehensive list of the ‘Top 10 Interior Designing Colleges in India’ to help you to make an informed career choice!


1. National Institute of Design (NID)
Location: Delhi
Courses Offered:
1. 4 year B.Des courses in Furniture, Textile, Ceramic & Glass Design
2. 2.5 year M.Des courses in Furniture, Textile, Ceramic & Glass and Lifestyle Accessory Design
Why Join: India’s top most design school in terms of faculty, exposure and placements


2. Sai School of Interior Design
Location: New Delhi
Courses Offered:
1. Certificate in Furniture Samadhan
2. Certificate in Vastu Shastra
3. 1 year Professional course in Interior Design
4. 2 year Advanced Professional course in Interior Design
Why Join: Known for its specialized certificate courses and placements


3. Sir JJ School of Art
Location: Mumbai
Courses Offered: 4 year BFA program in Interior Decoration
Why Join: Known for its rich history (established in 1857) and notable alumni


4. Arch Academy of Design
Location: Jaipur
Courses Offered:
1. 4 year Undergraduate program in Interior Design
2. 2 year Postgraduate program in Interior Design
3. 3 year Vocational program in Interior Design
4. 1 year Short Term course in Interior Design
Why Join: Known for its choice of courses and international programs and affiliations


5. IILM School of Design
Location: Gurgaon
Courses Offered: 4 year Undergraduate program in Interior and Furntiure Design
Why Join: Offers scholarships to its students based on the performance in the Aptitude/Analytical test and Personal
Interview conducted by the institute


6. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
Location: Bangalore
Courses Offered:
1. MBA in Interior Design and Management
2. 3 year B.Sc in Interior Design
3. 1 year Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
Why Join: Versatile choice of interior design courses and includes CAD as a part of the curriculum


7. CEPT University
Location: Ahmedabad
Courses Offered:
1. 5 year B.Sc in Interior Design
2. 2 year M.Des in Furniture Design
3. Master of Interior Architecture & Design
4. International Master of Interior Architecture & Design
Why Join: One of the first Indian colleges to offer internationally oriented PG courses


8. Shri Devi College of Interior Designing
Location: Mangalore
Courses Offered:
1. 3 year B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration
2. Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration
Why Join: Known for its contemporary curriculum and the second college in South India to offer Interior Design courses


9. Exterior Interiors Pvt. Ltd
Location: Cochin
Courses Offered: 1 year National Diploma Course in Interior Design
Why Join: Run by an Indian corporate architectural firm collaborated with one of the largest architectural firms of the UK


10. College of Architecture
Location: Nashik
Courses Offered: 4 year B.Des program in Interior Design, Set Design and Furniture Design
Why Join: One of the most reputed colleges for architecture and interior design studies



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Launchpad Academy’s Interior Design Course

Yes, you read that right! An Interior Design Course from Launchpad Academy! It’s been a year since we embarked on our journey to spur a design revolution in India and we feel the time has arrived for us to make our next big move, Interior Design!

Within a short period of time, Launchpad Academy is a known name in the Indian design industry today, all credits to our hardworking team, expert faculty, student coordinators, partner educational institutions and of course, our amazing students! After our Car Design courses and workshops gained tremendous mainstream success, we believe it’s time to dive deeper into the valley of design. Because ours is an offbeat design institute with a mission to promote emerging design domains through online education in India. Which brings us to Interior Design, our next big venture!

Why Interior Design?
Before we say anything about our online interior design course, read the below points to know why interior design is actually a big deal in India.
• Indian real estate market has always remained evergreen and will continue to do so. Due to rapid globalization and increased number of city dwellers, there is a great need for beautiful and artistic living spaces which are also compact in nature.
• However, despite the fact that there is a great demand for interior designers in India, the number of professional interior designers in India is alarmingly less to meet the growing demands of the Indian real estate, furniture and home décor industry.
• To be more precise, currently India needs more than 100000 interior designers, echoing the increasing importance and scope of interior design in India. All we are saying is, you could be one of them!

Why Take Up Our Course?
Interior Design is a unique design domain which demands a deeper understanding of not just design, but construction and marketing as well. An interior designer is expected to shape beautiful residential, commercial and institutional spaces along with clients and engineers. One has to explore aesthetic values in each and every corner of a living space through color, form and space.

Launchpad Academy’s ‘Interior Design Course’ aims to provide just the right amount of information and familiarize aspiring interior designers with the Principles, Practices and Techniques of contemporary interior design. Need more reasons? Go through the highlights of our online Interior Design Course.

Course Highlights
Online Course: Learn from your home and still get the good quality and feel of a classroom training. In addition to the live interactive instructor led session, recorded videos of the live session will be made available too.
Exemplary Curriculum: The course content is designed and taught by reputed interior designers and industry experts to enable learners hone their interior design skills and be industry ready.
Certification: Launchpad’s ‘Interior Design Course’ is a certified course and after the completion of their assignments and projects, learners will be awarded a course completion certificate.
Assignments and Projects: Our aim is to enable our students to master their design skills and inspire them to learn more and keep improving. Hence practical assignments and an end of course project are a part of the course.

Who Should Take Up Our Course?
Anybody who loves interior design! Yes, anybody! The course doesn’t have any age restrictions nor any pre-requisite educational background. All you need is an eye for detail and love for design and styling. You could be anybody, a school going kid or a civil engineering student, or a busy homemaker who wants to have her own interior design business!

Course Structure
The course comprises of 12 live interactive, instructor led sessions, each of 3 hours duration. The course content is as follows.


Course Fee
The course fee of Launchpad’s ‘Interior Design Course’ is an affordable 19,999 rupees. The payment can be made by both online and offline payment methods.
1. Online Payment
One can make the payment at
2. Bank Deposit
Launchpad Education
Syndicate Bank
Account No: 04411010004441
Branch : DVG Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
IFSC : SYNB0000441

Career Opportunities After the Course
As told before, there is a great demand for Interior Designers in India among the real estate, furniture and home décor industry. Launchpad Academy is partnered with many such companies and design studios who are on the lookout for creative interior designers in Bangalore. Students who fair exceedingly well and complete all their assignments and projects will get guaranteed internships and interior designer jobs in Bangalore through Launchpad Academy.


Love decorating houses?
Want to be a professional Interior Designer?
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Future Car Design Trends

Starting their journey in the 18th century, cars have become a part of human culture and civilization. It is very hard to ignore the contribution of this wondrous automobile to the world we live in today and the feats mankind achieved over the past two centuries using them. Cars have been evolving ever since their inception, be it the efficiency of the engine or the speed, functionality or design, every car aspect has underwent numerous iterations and has seen many benchmarks and ultimatums. But car manufacturers never seem to settle down and with easier access to technology today, evolution of cars is taking place at a faster pace than ever.

In this article, we are going to focus only on the design aspects of a car and predict the future car design trends that we are going to see in the cars of tomorrow.

1. Broader, Lower and Lighter
Yes, cars of the future are going to be broader, lower and lighter when compared to the cars today. With fully-automated, self-driving cars not being science fiction concepts anymore, designers will be emphasizing on spacious and comfortable interiors where passengers can relax and rest while the car can drive by itself. More and more low ride cars are going to be designed to improve the car’s aerodynamics, speed and performance. Unnecessary chunks of interiors are further going to be removed making the interiors more spacious and also improving the power weight ratio by making the car lighter.

Spacious and Smart Interiors

Spacious and Smart Interiors

2. Panoramic Roofs and Double Doors
Though this particular design movement has already begun, we are going to see a lot of cars with extended window lines and transparent roofs. Considering the concept of automated, self-driving cars again, panoramic roofs made of strong, unbreakable glass can offer excellent views of the outside world to the passengers within and also add the illusion of a spacious interior. Also, we are going to see a lot of double door car design as opposed to a four-door vehicle. However these double doors are going to be swing out, thus occupying lesser space and still providing the full functionality of a traditional, four-door car.

Panoramic Roofs

Panoramic Roofs

3. Aggressive Headlights
With every car adopting an edgy, sports car design today, it won’t be late when we see headlights that are too aggressive to look and too bright to stare at! With headlights being one of the most important design aspects of a car, sharp and aggressive looking headlights are soon going to replace the wide eyed, oversized headlamps of today. While traditional headlights drain out a lot of battery power on long trips, newer technologies like LED lights will consume less power and emit stronger lights for longer durations when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Aggressive and Sharp Headlights

Aggressive and Sharp Headlights

4. Smarter Interiors
Probably the greatest bet on the future cars is the integration of smart technology and bringing internet on the wheels. Be it the heads-up display windshield which displays all the information about the car and the surrounding or a voice-activated speech-and-response system that gives the driver the power to control all the operations of the car over verbal commands like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now… designers will have to work a lot on creating smart interiors to accommodate these systems that are interactive and responsible for their actions.



5. Hybrid Cars
Though all electric and self-driving cars prove that the future is brighter than ever, it is too soon to expect cars to drive by themselves and run long on batteries. Most of the car manufacturers believe this is still a matter of 10 years and we are only going to see such cars in the market somewhere between 2020 and 2030. Hence car designers have to come up with future car concepts that are a hybrid of the existing cars and the projected futuristic cars to fill the 10 year gap. Cars which can have both plug-in electric and diesel power sources and manual cars which can be allowed to park themselves occasionally using cameras and sensors.

BMW i8 - A Luxury Hybrid Car

BMW i8 – A Luxury Hybrid Car



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Launchpad Alumni Interview – Gautam Merwan-NID

Gautam Merwan is a talented young fellow from Chennai and a dear student of Launchpad Academy. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Gautam always wanted to be a designer and study in a reputed design school like National Institute of Design (NID).  A guy who looks up to Tesla’s Elon Musk more than anybody, Merwan started his design ventures in his engineering days with his innovative ‘The Wash Bike/WIKE’ concept which is a cycle cum washing machine! A guy with many innovative ideas, Gautam shares his NID success story with us and remembers how Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design course help him achieve his dream of getting into NID. Read on!

Gautum and his WIKE Team

Gautum and his WIKE Team

Congrats Gautam! How does it feel to get into NID?
It feels great! My phone is ringing restlessly as everyone I know is calling or texting me to congratulate on my success! Last year my performance was utterly horrible, especially the Studio Test. This is my second attempt and a lot of things have changed over a year, if not hugely, significant at least. I am very happy about it.

So how was the whole NID experience?
The NID admission process in particular, is always a treat! Starting from their Design Aptitude Test which is round 1, all the way to their Studio Test and Interview which is round 2, the entire process is so awesome. Just the experience of going through their tests and having them pick your brains for what creative mess you’re really made of is really rewarding. So whether you get in or not, you definitely gain something to hold on to for life!

How were the Studio Test and Interview?
The questions were just so cool! It’s unlike anything that you see in CEED or any IIT entrance exams. Last year, the first question I was asked in the interview was ‘Which was the latest movie that you saw’! What’s more good about NID is that people they really read students and remember us. They immediately recognized me from my last year’s interview and asked what I was up to the entire year. They don’t care about your marks nor your strokes on pieces of paper, but the person and the vision behind those. They are really cool and friendly people, in the interview hall.

What kind of questions are asked in the Studio Test of NID?
There are many rounds and levels.
1. The first round is a pretty simple and straight forward task, a Live Sketching round. I was given a Porsche Cayenne SUV and was asked to draw two particular views (Front and Rear ¾ views) and a view of our choice. They provide you 30 minutes, a huge A2 paper and a ball point pen.
2. Then we were seated back inside the hall and given a booklet with our next set of questions. There were a few general questions like identification of certain cars from their pictures and noting their special features. We were also given a blank front view outline which we were supposed to complete using our imaginative skills.
3. There was also a task where we were supposed to make a model with the materials given to us of a modular seating/sleeper compartment for either a train or sleeper bus.

Gautam's Sketches

Gautam’s Sketches

How did Launchpad help you in all of this?
I am person who was always against coaching centers who promise to help you with your design skills but only end up making Design into an Engineering styled rat race. As I told, my first attempt was an utter disaster. Right from holding the pen in the right manner and drawing a straight line to sketching cars, I learnt all of it after I joined Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design course. I first attended their Car Design workshop in Chennai and the people of Launchpad seemed assuring and reliable the very day I met them. I took up their DiCD program online and the rest is history!

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Launchpad Alumni Interview – Shyam Prasad – NID

Shyam Prasad is a 23 year old mechanical engineering graduate living in Gadag, Karnataka. A design enthusiast driven by automobiles, getting into a reputed design school like NID or IDC was Shyam’s dream of many years. Shyam successfully cleared the written exam and studio tests of NID and will be pursuing his M.Des degree in Transportation and Automobile Design. He spoke to Launchpad on this joyous occasion and remembered how our Diploma in Car Design course helped him in his success and shared all the details about NID’s studio tests and other selection procedures. Read on!

Congrats Shyam! How does it feel to get into NID?
Thank you and I’m on Cloud 9 right now! It feels great. In fact this is my second attempt. Though I made it to the 5th waitlist, I was unable to clear NID’s tough entrance exams for the first time. However, I didn’t give up my hope on becoming an automobile designer. Every decimal counts in NID’s entrance score. I missed it by a mere 0.70 the first time and I’m glad I cleared it this time!

Shyam's Sketches

Shyam’s Sketches

Can you tell us more about the NID exam pattern this year?
I’ll give you a comparison rather. When I appeared for the exam for the first time, the test had about 7-10 descriptive questions and the total awarded marks was 50. But this time, the emphasis was more on creative-sketching rather than descriptive and the total marks was doubled to 100 as well, this year. The paper pattern is totally unpredictable to be honest.

Can you briefly tell us about the Studio Test following the exam?
The Studio Test wasn’t just a test, it was a whole new experience! After clearing the first round, we were asked to attend the second round at their campuses, respective of the streams we chose. I gave the entrance exam in Bangalore and the Studio Test was in Gandhinagar. The Studio Test goes on for a minimum of 2 days and can go on up to 5 days. We were offered free hostel stay during the Studio Test and the fact I was in NID campus made me reduce my stress levels and face the tests more confidently.

Shyam's Sketches

Shyam’s Sketches

What kind of questions are asked in the Studio Test of NID?
The studio test can be shortlisted to three stages.
1. We were asked to pen down three views of the scale models of the cars.
2. With a few craft items, we were given a task to complete.
3. The Interview.
Last time, we were made to sit in front of a JCB and asked to sketch three views of the JCB. The studio test, as I told earlier is a whole new experience! It is totally unpredictable, how they decide to test you. But it was a lot of fun!

How was the Personal Interview?
The interview was very cool and casual. Generally we expect interviews to be stress filled, but interviewers here go really easy on us. But they will definitely get the information they need out of us. Keeping our calm is the only preparation needed for the interview. We must know what we are talking about rather assuming or bluffing. One doesn’t need any coaching to face interviews and learn how to behave; we just have to be ourselves. And yes, we need to carry a portfolio to present the panel. In fact, carry everything and anything which shows the creative part of ourselves. Nothing is too much. The panel patiently goes through all the sketches or items that we present.

Shyam's Sketches

Shyam’s Sketches

How did Launchpad help you in all of this?
I was very disappointed when I couldn’t crack the tests for the first time. I felt it was because I didn’t put enough efforts. But it was just that I had no idea of many aspects of the car design though I wanted to pursue Transportation Design as a career. I just looked at car sketches and copied them down. But after I joined Launchpad, I got to know about perspectives, ratios and many other technical terms of car design. It totally redefined sketching for me. I think that sums up how important Launchpad was for me to get into NID!


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