Sketching: Why is it important?

Product design is a process that progresses from an idea to reality in stages.

Whether you’re designing a simple tool or a complex automobile, it all starts with an idea. And what’s the best way (and the fastest) to put down your idea on a paper?

You sketch it out.

To sketch is to design.

Sketching is an important aspect of product design and development. However, not many designers pay to sketch the respect it deserves. It’s just an afterthought.

There’s a lot of back and forth that happens between the various design stages. As the idea matures and needs refinement, sketching can become an invaluable part of your job as a designer.

Put ideas quickly on paper.

Charting down ideas immediately on paper is the most efficient way to evaluate them and see whether they’re worth exploring further.

It only takes a few seconds to sketch your idea. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can refine it or move on to the next idea immediately. Plus, it’s a great feeling to get the idea out of your head and have it on paper.

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Great for brainstorming and collaboration.

It’s natural for a group to lose focus and become disillusioned when you first present your design concept. Communicating what’s in your head with just words is extremely difficult, especially when you’re trying to put forward a visual idea. Sketching helps you to convey your design ideas to everyone in a simple manner.

Furthermore, sketches from team members can be reviewed and compared to consolidate the best ideas. Based on the features required, these ideas can be further refined to select the best design for your product.


It saves time.

Sketching saves a lot of time. Your first idea is rarely the best one. Thus, if you need to revise your sketch, it only takes a few seconds to update it or draw a new one. Doing the same on a computer may take hours, if not more.

Moreover, it’s a quick way to get client feedback and move ahead with a mutually accepted idea.  The more time you save deciding on an idea, the better you can refine it further. It’s all a matter of prioritizing, and sketching helps you with that immensely.   

It’s easy and fun.

Sketching is for everyone. It’s a universal language which everyone can understand. Anyone can sketch ideas and become involved with the product design process. A few basic shapes, lines, arrows, and stick figures are all you need to get started with sketching. Once you discover how easy and enjoyable it is, you won’t ever look back!

Sketching is a powerful communication tool.

Complex design problems are hard to solve without fleshing out the intricate details. Sketching helps you resolve them by fishing out the best ideas. That’s one of the major reasons why sketching will always remain an important aspect of product design and development.

If you have any experiences with sketching within the product design process, please share them with the Launchpad community.

Top 5 Kitchen Design Software Tools

Since the introduction of CAD software in the 1980s, the interior design industry has adopted these tools to design and visualize interiors better. But even within the interior design industry, kitchen design occupies a unique position. Unless most of other furniture and decor, kitchen cabinets are not usually directly purchased from retail shops and placed in the customer’s house. Every kitchen has different requirements, thus making it imperative to create a good visual design before the manufacturing can start.

This is where specialized Kitchen design software comes into the picture. These software allow designers to create beautiful looking and functional kitchens in a fast and easy way. Nowadays, these software provide a lot more functionality than just creating designs. Some of these software offer post design features like Bill of Materials generations, cutting list generation, etc as well.

Here are the top 5 kitchen design software available in the market today, which will empower you to work as a kitchen designer – 


1. Infurnia

Infurnia is a completely online kitchen design software. Besides all the advantages of cloud-based software, like data backups & mobility, Infurnia is also one of the easiest and fastest kitchen design software to use. Using Infurnia, you can create kitchens of any shape and size. Infurnia offers a huge built-in library of cabinets, but the main power of the software comes from the fact that every single cabinet is completely customizable in every way.

Infurnia also offers cloud-based High-Quality rendering service. Infurnia’s web-based 3D design sharing is also a new addition to this industry and makes it easy to showcase your designs to remote customers. Infurnia offers post design features like production drawings, Bill of Materials(BOM), pricing quotations, and cutting list as well.

Price – $ 500 per year

Kitchen Design Software - Infurnia


2. 2020 Design

2020 Design is the Kitchen and Bath Design Software developed by 2020 technologies. 2020 Design is an offline only software. 2020 Design provides great tools for creating beautiful kitchens. The major USP of 2020 Design is the massive catalog of built-in furniture objects. You can customize the cabinets after adding them also. 2020 Design allows you a lot of control over the lighting conditions in the room, thus allowing you to create beautiful designs. 2020 Design is most commonly used by professionals in the North America market. 2020 Design doesn’t allow you to create new 3d models within the software.

Price ~ $1800

2020 Design

2020 Design

3. ArredoCAD

ArredoCAD is one of the more expensive software in the kitchen design industry. It offers powerful kitchen design features. It is a very powerful software but it’s not the easiest software to use on this list. The main advantage of ArredoCAD is its powerful rendering engine which generates very high quality rendered images. ArredoCAD also has a very large catalog of furniture built into the software itself. ArredoCAD also allows you to create some basic 3d models using linear or round shapes.

Price ~ $650 per year



4. KD Max

KDMax software is built solely for Kitchen and wardrobe designing. This software is not as feature-rich as some of the others on this list, but its relatively easy to use. You can create any kind of floor plan and then use the built-in cabinets to create the kitchen design. KDMax also offers post design features like cutting list and BOM generation. KDMax has a built-in rendering engine which provides a good quality HD renders of your designs.

Price ~ $500 per year



5. Chief Architect

Chief Architect is a full-fledged interior design software, but it also has a very good kitchen design tool built into it. It is the most complex software out of all the above, so it provides you with more options but it also comes with a much steeper learning curve. Being an interior design software first, ChiefArchitect does not offer deep post design features like production drawings, optimized cutting lists, etc. Chief Architect offers a very comprehensive tutorial video package on their site for new users.

Price ~ $1995

Chief Architect

Chief Architect


Conclusion – Besides these top software, you can also use 3D software like SketchUp to design kitchens. KCDW is another cheaper option for kitchen design, although its 2D only drawings are not as visually impressive to a client as the other software listed above.



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Top 10 Interior Design Colleges in India

Until the 80s, the study of interior design was only considered to be a part of architecture studies. But with changing times, lifestyle trends and evolving mindset of the people, interior design has grown to become a fully-fledged professional course today. The number of people dwelling in cities is off the charts and unfortunately living spaces are shrinking day by day. This calls for smart usage of space and who else to the rescue other than Interior Design! So yes, interior design is in its prime time in India and the industry is looking for lakhs of talented interior designers, professional and freelancers alike.

So if you are an aspiring interior designer looking for Interior Design Courses and Colleges in India, here’s a comprehensive list of the ‘Top 10 Interior Designing Colleges in India’ to help you to make an informed career choice!


1. National Institute of Design (NID)
Location: Delhi
Courses Offered:
1. 4 year B.Des courses in Furniture, Textile, Ceramic & Glass Design
2. 2.5 year M.Des courses in Furniture, Textile, Ceramic & Glass and Lifestyle Accessory Design
Why Join: India’s top most design school in terms of faculty, exposure and placements


2. Sai School of Interior Design
Location: New Delhi
Courses Offered:
1. Certificate in Furniture Samadhan
2. Certificate in Vastu Shastra
3. 1 year Professional course in Interior Design
4. 2 year Advanced Professional course in Interior Design
Why Join: Known for its specialized certificate courses and placements


3. Sir JJ School of Art
Location: Mumbai
Courses Offered: 4 year BFA program in Interior Decoration
Why Join: Known for its rich history (established in 1857) and notable alumni


4. Arch Academy of Design
Location: Jaipur
Courses Offered:
1. 4 year Undergraduate program in Interior Design
2. 2 year Postgraduate program in Interior Design
3. 3 year Vocational program in Interior Design
4. 1 year Short Term course in Interior Design
Why Join: Known for its choice of courses and international programs and affiliations


5. IILM School of Design
Location: Gurgaon
Courses Offered: 4 year Undergraduate program in Interior and Furntiure Design
Why Join: Offers scholarships to its students based on the performance in the Aptitude/Analytical test and Personal
Interview conducted by the institute


6. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
Location: Bangalore
Courses Offered:
1. MBA in Interior Design and Management
2. 3 year B.Sc in Interior Design
3. 1 year Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
Why Join: Versatile choice of interior design courses and includes CAD as a part of the curriculum


7. CEPT University
Location: Ahmedabad
Courses Offered:
1. 5 year B.Sc in Interior Design
2. 2 year M.Des in Furniture Design
3. Master of Interior Architecture & Design
4. International Master of Interior Architecture & Design
Why Join: One of the first Indian colleges to offer internationally oriented PG courses


8. Shri Devi College of Interior Designing
Location: Mangalore
Courses Offered:
1. 3 year B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration
2. Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration
Why Join: Known for its contemporary curriculum and the second college in South India to offer Interior Design courses


9. Exterior Interiors Pvt. Ltd
Location: Cochin
Courses Offered: 1 year National Diploma Course in Interior Design
Why Join: Run by an Indian corporate architectural firm collaborated with one of the largest architectural firms of the UK


10. College of Architecture
Location: Nashik
Courses Offered: 4 year B.Des program in Interior Design, Set Design and Furniture Design
Why Join: One of the most reputed colleges for architecture and interior design studies



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Top 5 Interior Design Software Tools

If everything is digital today, why not interior design then? Today, even an entry-level designer is expected to be aware of more than one computer aided design (CAD) tool to design and plan interiors. Hand drawn designs are out of fashion and literally no one prefers them, especially employers and interior design firms looking for interior designers.

Compared to the traditional method of hand-drawn designs and renderings, it is a lot easier to design and redesign using these software tools as they enable innumerable iterations. In addition, the output is simply better and hyper realistic when compared to the former, thus making it easy for interior designers to visualize and express their ideas better.

Here’s a list of the top 5 interior design software tools employers expect their interior designers to be well versed with.

1. SketchUp
Formerly known as Google SketchUp while it was under the ownership of Google from 2006 to 2012, this popular 3D modeling computer program is one of the most basic interior design software tool to begin with. Known for its easy to learn and use interface, SketchUp is available in two versions, SketchUp Make (freeware version) and SketchUp Pro (paid version). SketchUp comes with an online open source library of free model assemblies called 3D Warehouse and supports third party plugins to improve the functionality of the software. However, considering its basic nature, interior designers often face difficulty in modeling complex surfaces and visualizing complex 3D models using SketchUp.



2. Autodesk 3Ds Max

Moving on with interior design software tools that are simple in functionality and easy to learn, 3Ds Max from Autodesk is another popular one under the category. Used by interior design students as well as professional interior designers, Autodesk 3Ds Max provides excellent tools for rendering, simulating and visualizing interiors. Though the software is pretty easy to begin with and getting used to, it includes a ton of functionalities and also offers a flexible plugin architecture to support many third party applications. Study material and tutorial videos are abundantly available on the internet making 3Dx Max more easy to learn.

Autodesk 3Ds Max

Autodesk 3Ds Max

3. Autodesk AutoCad
Moving up the complexity ladder, Autodesk AutoCad is one of the most essential but difficult software tools used in interior design. Regardless of its complexity, AutoCad is a very popular software that is used in almost all architectural and interior design firms, making it a must learn software tool for interior designers. Known for its hyper realistic details and high productivity tools, AutoCad was once Autodesk’s most popular product. Adding, AutoCad offers excellent tools for 3D animation and visualization of interiors to realize hyper realistic and detailed visions of the proposed design plan.

Autodesk AutoCad

Autodesk AutoCad

4. Autodesk Revit
Another Autodesk product, Autodesk Revit unlike the above mentioned is exclusively for architects and interior designers. Highly technical in nature, Autodesk Revit is a building design and construction software that enables professionals to digitally construct buildings and models with a consistent and coordinated model-based approach. Specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), Revit allows to create plans, elevations and sections in a quick manner. To be a successful interior designer, creativity alone won’t suffice; but you have to master over highly technical software tools like Revit as well.

Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit

5. Infurnia
Infurnia is the most in-depth and feature-rich online interior design software available in the market right now. It’s the world’s first cloud-based interior design software built specifically for professional designers. With Infurnia, designers can create detailed multi-story floor plans in both 2d and 3d. The designing is done mainly in 3D with customization options available for all kinds of furniture. Designers can create detailed kitchen design by customizing cabinets’ size, finish, etc.

With its catalog management features, Infurnia also provides designers with an easy-to-use and systematic way of uploading their own furniture models, hardware models, finishes, etc. Infurnia provides different kinds of rendering like 3D image renders, panoramic renders, and VR renders.

Infurnia - Interior Design Software


Apart from the above mentioned top interior design software, we would like to make a few more notable mentions which are actively used by interior designers.

1. Photoshop
2. Archicad
3. Ikea Home Planner
4. Sweet Home 3D



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