Workshop on Car Design

Car design workshop | 30 July 2017 | IISC Bangalore | 9 AM to 6PM
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Introduction to Design

    • Sketch a Car – Quick Student exercise 
    • What is Transportation Design? Quick introduction 
    • Innovation 
    • Design Sketching 
    • Automotive design – body styles, layout, proportions, themes 
    • Futurism, Branding and New Trends in Design

Design Communication

      • Sketching is communicating – intro 
      • Basics of sketching
        • The tools, composition, light & shadow 
        • Sketching Lines and Circles 
          • Sketching strokes 
          • Joining the dots 
          • How to sketch Circles 
          • Sketching Circles n Ellipses 
          • Sketching a Wheel 
          • Finishing a Wheel – Rendering 

Sketching Cars

      • Planning a Car Sketch 
        • Wheel Proportions 
          • Theoretical understanding 
          • Student exercise on templates 
        • Develop a plan from the side view

Dive Deeper into car Sketching

      • Work with the instructor on getting your sketch right
      • Apply Principles of shading/lighting and render the sketch
      • Quick rendering of side view car-sketch using color pencils (40 min)

Meet your Master

Mr. Sathiya Seelan G, Styling Head, Ashok Leyland

Sathiya Seelan is an eminent senior design practitioner in transportation design. He is an Alumnus of IIT-Delhi with career spreading over 20+ years in various domestic and global automotive companies. He has been part of prestigious projects such as TATA Motors Star Bus, TVS King, OPEL ANTARA, Ashok Leyland DOST, STILE, CAPTAIN etc. He is credited with establishing full- edged design studio and design practices in Ashok Leyland. His works christened with prestigious awards from various government and non-government organisations like SIAM. The school bus- SUNSHINE and an LCV- GURU are his recent works from Ashok Leyland.

The Car Design workshop was a defining moment in my career. It helped get a clear idea of the design field and the tools required to succeed . I went to study Product Design for my masters inspite of my background in electrical engineering, I Thank Satya Sir and the Launchpad team for the support and Inspiration.

Darshan Gowda

Design Engineer, REALIZED 3D

Honestly I did not know how to draw a line properly before the workshop

Gawtham Merwani

MDES student , National Institute of Design

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