Car Design Student Project – Siva Shanker

Car Design Student Project Siva Shanker

Car Design Student Project – Siva Shanker

Siva Shanker is one of brightest design students Launchpad Academy has seen till date, who has a lot of creative ideas and a great design mindset. A mechanical engineer living in Chennai, Siva says he was drawn to cars and car design at a very early point in his childhood. Though being an engineering graduate, Siva wants to establish his career as a car designer for the sheer love and passion for car design. Aiming to get into design schools like NID/IDC, Siva is hopefully preparing for his second attempt to clear CEED, which he failed to clear by a mere 1.2 marks in his first attempt. He is also looking for design related jobs in design studios and hoping to get one very soon.

Siva Shanker was an active student of Batch 2 of our Diploma in Car Design course and had attended one of our Car Design workshops in Chennai. Moved by the way Mr. Sathiyaseelan Gangasalam introduced various car design concepts to the workshop participants, Siva registered to our Diploma in Car Design to learn more from the mentor. He says the course helped him in immense proportions to have an in-depth understanding of car design, particularly about car design terminologies, proportions of a car, sketching skills and especially digital rendering using Photoshop.

Making good use of our 3 month online course and its intensive approach towards car design, Siva was able to complete all the assignments and finally a car design project of his own by the end of the course. His project ‘Triviam-Three Wheel City Car’ is a reflection of Siva’s ingenious skill for car design and his deeper understanding of car design concepts. Have a look at Triviam and be ready to blown away!

Initial Sketches

Initial Sketches


Final Concept

Final Concept


Triviam is a three wheeled city car that aims to minimize the clutter in today’s urban transportation and slither through any Indian road burdened with traffic. A compact city car capable enough to seat two people, Triviam as Siva Shanker says can maneuver through narrow, traffic clad roads quickly and effortlessly. The car has all the maneuverability of a two wheeler, yet the safety and protection that a regular car offers. Moreover the car is futuristic in its concept as Siva calls it an electric car, driven by a hub wheel motor. The car runs on powered batteries which will be placed under the floor panel.  Also check out Siva’s Facebook page to see more car sketches by him.

Launchpad Academy aims to help car design enthusiasts irrespective of their age and educational background by giving them the right training and platform to design cars. We hope to see more and more talented and creative designers like Siva Shanker in our Academy and see them reach great heights in the design world. All the best Siva, for all your future design ventures and dreams! Launchpad is proud of you!


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    Nice Work bro!

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