Launchpad Academy – Automobile Design and Sketching Classroom Course Launched in India .

After many pending requests from hundreds of students to make our online course available to regular, mentor-led classrooms, we have finally devised a classroom model of our Diploma in Car Design course!  Launchpad’s flagship online course, Diploma in Car Design is finally coming offline as a Classroom Course’.

In a short span of time, our Diploma in Car Design – Online course has become a known name among car design enthusiasts. The course has helped hundreds of talented individuals in India and abroad to take the first and the most crucial step of their car design career i.e. understanding the concepts of sketching and rendering.

Students come to us with high hopes to learn how to draw cars and that’s exactly what they get in a span of 3 months. The students will be able to understand the basics of Transportation Design, learn how to observe a car as a designer and apply those concepts to their innovative ideas. They will be able to visualize, sketch and digital render their own concept cars by the end of the course.

Why Are We Introducing A Classroom Course?

Though Launchpad Academy is located in Bangalore, the online learning convenience of our DiCD program has helped hundreds of students all around India and the world. Apart from South Indian cities like Chennai and Hyderabad, we have students pursuing the course from distant parts of North India and even from foreign countries like Uganda, Saudi Arabia and Germany. However, we have a lot of course applicants who feel they can express themselves better in classrooms when they can interact with the mentor face-to-face.

There are many students who are interested in Car Design but still unsure about the ways online education works. We would like to help such students by teaching Car Design the way they prefer. However, along with the new Classroom course Launchpad Academy will also retain its Online course which is preferred by the rest of the course applicants living far from Bangalore. In short, we want what our students want!

How Will Be The Classroom Course Different from The Online Course?

Diploma in Car Design-Classroom course will be different from its predecessor Online course in the following ways.
• All the 10 sessions will be conducted in a well-equipped classroom
• Students can interact with the mentors face-to-face
• Hands-On training
• Instant feedback and individual attention
• Students get to interact with each other and share their ideas, face-to-face
• Even after the class, students can make use of the classroom for practice and discussions

Course Objectives
Diploma in Car Design – Classroom Course is aimed to provide students with fundamental knowledge of Automotive Design and Sketching  through mentor-led classroom sessions, intuitive assignments and other hands-on experiences. By the end of the three month course, a student will be well versed with the fundamentals of Transportation Design, with special emphasis on Cars. Student will be able to sketch and digital render their own concept cars, prepare their Design Portfolio and gain the skills and confidence to apply for reputed Design Schools or get Internships in Design Studios.

Course Structure
• 3 Months Course
• 10 Classroom Sessions
• Assignments at the end of each session
• Final Project at the end of the course
• Hands-On sessions for better understanding of Sketching and Rendering concepts • Design Kit for regular practice and participation in Hands-On sessions

Course Highlights
• First of its type in India
• Faculty comprising of industry experts,
• Hands-On Training
• No age restrictions, open to both students and professionals
• No prerequisite educational background required
• Design Kit comprising of imported markers and pencils
• Introduction to Photoshop
• Industry certified Course Completion Certificate
• Payment can be made in two installments
• Internship opportunities after the completion of the course

Course Content
Class 1: Introduction to Car Design
• Overview of Transportation / Automobile Design
• What is Car Design?
• Historical perspective on Car Design
• What do Car Designers do?
• Some important Car designers & Case Histories
• Trends in Car Design
• Design process
• Automotive Design- Body Styles, Layout, Proportions and Themes Class 2: Design Communication
• Introduction to sketching as communicating tool
• Sketches Classification- Ideation Sketches, Exploratory Sketches, Explanatory Sketches and
Persuasive sketches
• Sketching Basics
1. Learning to sketch straight lines
2. Learning to sketch circles and ellipses
• Sketching Exercises to train your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work
Class 3: Sketching Fundamentals- Part 1
• Applying Sketching Techniques- Lines, Circles and Ellipses
• Introduction to Perspective Theory
• 1-Point Perspective Sketching
• Geometry- Cubes, Cylinders and Spheres
Class 4: Sketching Fundamentals- Part 2
• 2-Point Perspective Sketching
• Sketching geometry shapes in 2 Point Perspective
Class 5: Sketching Fundamentals- Part 3
• Building Blocks to Car Sketching
• Sketching a Block Car
• Using Primitive Shapes to build a car in Perspective
• Understanding the basic Form and Proportions of a Car Sketch
Class 6: Sketching Fundamentals- Part 4
• Understanding Light & Shadow- Highlights, Reflections, Cast, Core and Shadow
• Wheel Sketching
Class 7: Car Sketching Fundamentals- Part 1
• Using block car techniques to sketch
1. Side-view of a Car
2. Front and Rear view of a Car
3. 3/4 Front and Rear view of a Car
Class 8: Car Sketching Fundamentals- Part 2
• Freehand Sketching a car using 1-Point Perspective and 2-Point Perspective
Class 9: Sketch Rendering Fundamentals
• Approach Rendering with proper methodologies for execution
• Understanding how to Render Reflective surfaces
• Understanding Contrast, Highlights, and Color
• Rendering Exercise 1- Pencil/Pen shading
• Rendering Exercise 2- Marker Rendering
Class 10: Concept Sketching and Digital Rendering
• Concept Sketching Cars
• Rendering Exercise 3- Using Digital Methods to render the Concept Sketches

Classroom Location
launchpad Design Studio, Sanjaynagar
Bengaluru, Karnataka-560079

Additional Course Details
Call / Whatsapp: +91 9632027594 


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