The Swaroop Roy Doodle challenge!

The Swarrop roy Doodle Challenge   One of our favorite car designer whose work we follow closely (check his instagram) posted a interesting challenge  online which became very popular .  Do participate and tag Swaroop roy in your submission.  This is a great way for young design students and professionals to be noticed by peers in the industry. #thumbnaildoodlechallange I am initiating this challenge ! Do miniature doodles of cars and try to fill a minimum of half A5 page. Tag your friends and pass it on. Hoping to see some amazing stuffs from you all 

Sketch Fighter Design Contest 2017 – Car Design Scholarship at SPD

cardesign.ru and SPD Launch , Sketch FIgher Design Contest .Top Prize is a fully funded scholarship at SPD, Italy

CarDesign.ru (the famous russian car design forum) and  Italian design school Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milano) have announces new Sketch Fighter — 2017  car design contest! First prize is a 100% scholarship for Master courses in Transportation design at SPD Milan
The contest consists of five qualifying and one final round. Qualifying rounds last for 24 hours, final one is 48 hours. There will be voting after each qualifying round. Voting lasts for 23 hours. Fifteen best participants, who get the most score during qualifying round will be admitted to final round. Judges from SPD School  will choose the winner of contest.

Please Note that you can’t use previously published works! and please don’t try to mislead the voting: if we participants are found to be manipulating results , they will be immediately dis-qualified. Please make sure you submit your original work only.
Each round starts at 22:00 (Moscow time, UTC +03:00) i.e 12. 30 am IST  participants must submit their works within 24 hours for qualifying rounds, and within 48 hours for final one. For example, 1st round will start June, 23 at 22:00 and will end June, 24 at 22:00. Tasks will be published at the start of the rounds. Participants should post their works at our forum at open section, registration is not mandatory.
Time table (Moscow time, UTC +03:00)
1st round: start — June, 23 at 22:00, end — June, 24 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of June, 25;
2nd round: start — June, 25 at 22:00, end — June, 26 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of June, 27;
3rd round: start — June, 27 at 22:00, end — June, 28 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of June, 29;
4th round: start — June, 29 at 22:00, end — June, 30 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of July, 1;
5th round: start — July, 1 at 22:00, end — July, 2 at 22:00. Voting till 21:00 of July, 3.
Final round — start July, 5 at 22:00, end — July, 7 at 22:00. The winners will be named at the end of July.
The winner of the contest will get 100%-scholarship for Master courses in Transportation design at SPD Milano.
Note: Scholarship can be applied only to participants, who have at least 3 years of education at any university, institute of higher education or college.

We strongly urge students of Launchpad Academy to apply for the car design  contest. This is a great opportunity to get a scholarship to study car design at SPD, Italy especially for students from India . Watch the video of Launchpad Alumni and SPD Student give some tips on applying to design schools in Italy.

if you are a aspiring car designer, check our  car design course 






 We are Happy to introduce and welcome our new mentor to Launchpad Academy.

Arun is a passionate creative with varied interest ranging from  Car Design , Design Sketching , Motor Sports, Travel and Adventure  .  He is graduate of MIT Institute of Design and has a post graduate degree in Transportation Design from  Istituto Europeo di Design(IED),  Turin.  Arun had also interned and worked at companies like Mahindra , Elixi apart from running his own Design Studio.

Arun has participated in many international design contests and his work has got wide spread coverage in International media.  He is skilled in freehand sketching, Marker rendering, Photoshop/ALIAS and he also likes to build stuff using Clay,MDF and wood. At Launchpad Arun will be creating content and delivering  online and classroom courses as well as workshops all over the world.  Please keep following our page for more updates on this . Meanwhile some of Arun’s work is displayed below.

P. S : We are launching a new classroom course in Bangalore with Arun, If you are interested, please leave a comment with your contact details or email us on info@launchpadacademy.in


sports car arun


Sketching Portfolio

Sketching Portfolio


Launchpad Academy

Launchpad Academy


Apply to the Renault Car Design Internship Program.

6 design talents will be selected to work, for 6 months, in an existing Renault Design Studio. At the end of internship program, Job offers will be made to 1 or 2 participants.

Renault Design always has had a close to Design school students.

RENAULT has been sponsoring projects or doing workshops about Car Design & Design Management and encouraging design talent.

With the Design Academy , Renault had decided to go one step to train young talents, select the best and put them together in one of our foreign Design Studio under the mentorship of their top designers .

There will be several project briefings and meetings and presentation to top management

Renault will give a project, based on which a final offer will be made to the best candidate.

All finalists will get a certificate and the two best ones will receiva permanent real designer job offer.

About the Renault Design Academy

The Design Academy project was organized by Renault Design and developed under the lead of Project Director Patrick Lecharpy (VP Advanced Design and Head of Renault Design India studios) and Project Manager Luciano Bove, (Design Academy Head of Program and Advanced Design Manager).


Design Academy will accept applications from any ex design school student (undergraduate & postgraduate).

However; candidates must have no more than 2 years after their graduation day, candidates have never worked before, candidates who might have had already one or more internships.

Candidates must have a high comprehension & written level of the English language

Candidates must send their CV + Portfolio in PDF light format (no more than 4MB) via the website .

Selected candidates will be contacted by Renault as soon as possible.

Candidates must have a valid Passport

The Design Academy will be held at Renault Design Studio in Chennai India.

apply here http://designacademy.renault.com

This is a wonderful opportunity for Launchpad Students to especially those with a postgraduate degree to work with Renault and we encourage each and every one of our students in the car design program to apply to this.The key skills to focus is car sketching skills.  Please contact if you need any help in applying to the program.




From Studying Engineering to Becoming a Car Designer : The Journey of Muqeet Arsh

Meet Muqeet Arsh, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from AMC College of Engineering, Bangalore, who got admitted into Masters in Transportation & Car Design course at Scuola Politecnica di Design, Italy, after doing his Diploma in Car Design from Launchpad Academy. He is currently pursuing his second year . He kindly agreed to meet couple of our students and talk to us about his experiences.
With two years of work experience at Mahindra under his belt, Muqeet was all set to take the next grand step in his career. His eyes were all set on being an automobile designer.
Having no background with design, he opted to hone his design skills before applying for a master’s degree at a foreign university. That’s when he enrolled himself in Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design course.

visit to ferrari

visit to ferrari

In a live session with Launchpad Alumni, Muqeet shared his experience on how Launchpad helped him realize his dream. Here are some of his excerpts and learnings from the session.
Joining Launchpad’s Diploma in Car Design Course

“I did my Mechanical Engineering from AMC College. After that I joined Launchpad Academy. This helped me a lot to focus where exactly I wanted to be. They guided me how exactly to apply to colleges and which all colleges are open to apply.”
Learning How to Sketch

Sketching is one of the most essential skills to get into a design course at any prestigious university. Being from an engineering background, Muqeet realized that he had to learn how to sketch freely and own this skill. “I used to sketch but I didn’t know how to get into this field.”. Launchpad’s sketching and design course helped him hone his skills and get admitted to SPD, Italy.

Building a Strong Portfolio
“When I started, my portfolio was really bad. It was basically a word document with all my sketches. You can start with anyhow you want depending on how your skill level is.”
Your portfolio needn’t be anything fancy. Just include a collection of your best work. Focus on free hand sketches and showcase any other creative pursuits you may have such as drawing, painting or even clay modelling.

Why Join a University?

You will get to know what you really want to do. They’ll help you hone your skills right and get to the next level. The industry demands certain skills and traits from the designers, and the university prepares you to gel perfectly with it.
Getting Admitted is Only the Beginning

The SPD admission process consists of an online application process followed by a skype interview, wherein you’re given a live sketching assignment. It’s that simple really, provided you’re already prepared.
The course which Muqeet opted for at SPD is in English. No GRE score or TOEFL certificate was required to qualify for an admission.
About the Course
As with any design course, it’s extremely rigorous and tough. Classes are short, but most of the time is spent completing assignments and projects. You’ll hardly find time for any other activities, except on weekends.
The course is divided into two years. The first year is compulsory for students from non-design background. On completion of the first year, every student gets a 1-year post graduation certificate. Only those who score more than 8.5 GPA in their first year get into the second year to earn their master’s degree.
“Out of 12 students from my class just 4 of us made it to the second year.”
The course fee is roughly INR 20 Lakhs and the living cost is around 1000 Euro a month in Italy.
Learning from Industry Experts
The professors at SPD are all industry experts and come from some of the top design studios and automotive companies in the world. One of the professors is working for Alfa Romeo. Another was one of the designers for Niki Lauda’s Ferrari car. Learning from such experienced professionals was truly an amazing experience for him.

SPD is affiliated with Volkswagen Group, an automobile conglomerate with many companies under their belt. As a result, students get a chance to do projects at leading automobile firms such as Alfa Romeo to Lamborghini.
“My first year we worked with Alfa Romeo and Fiat. My second year as soon as I’ll be joining we’ll start with live projects from Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati.”
Why Italy and not US or Germany?
“As far as design is concerned I think Italy is the best place to learn, because it is known as the design capital of the world. They’re the oldest and one of the most famous designers in the world. They’re very precise, they know what they want and how they want it to be in the future.”
Being the home of iconic car brands like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Italy has been very influential in car design. We cannot argue with him here.

Joining Launchpad’s course helped Muqeet grab a seat at one of the most prestigious design universities in the world.
If you love cars and are interested in designing them, our Diploma in Car Design course is the perfect choice for you to get started on your journey towards becoming a car designer.

Here is the video of session.