8 Things to Know About Becoming an Interior Designer

how to become interior designer

8 Things to Know About Becoming an Interior Designer



Interior Design (ID) is undoubtedly one of the most sought after professions in India today. With city dwellers increasing day by day and available living spaces shrinking correspondingly, efficient use of the available space has become a grave necessity. And owing to the increased standard of living in India and the new mindset of the younger generation, interior design has become an independent field of its own, coming out of the shadows of architecture and civil engineering.

Currently there is a need for 100000 interior designers in India alone, combining freelance projects as well as the jobs available in architectural and construction firms, and furniture companies. If you are one of those design aspirants who want to take up interior design as a career, here’s a list of things you must and should know about this popular design domain.

1. Interior Decoration Is Not Interior Design
You might be good with colors, textures, selection and placement of home décor objects, and might have received a lot of appreciation on your interior decoration skills; but those decoration skills just aren’t sufficient to become an interior designer. Interior decoration is a subdomain under interior design and only executes the process of design.

interior decoration

interior decoration

2. Interior Design Is Not Entirely About Design
Unlike other design domains interior design is not entirely about design concepts. Along with ID skills like technical drawing, space design, material knowledge, furniture design, and familiarization with interior design tools, you must also have great interpersonal and communication skills, maintain a good network of clients, contractors and suppliers, and of course have the brains to market your interior design services and update them regularly.

3. High Demand for Interior Designers in India
Rather than saying that there is a great scope for interior designers in India, we could rephrase that to ‘there is a grave scarcity of interior designers in India’. As mentioned before, currently there is a need for 100000 interior designers in India alone. The industry is growing at a rate of 20% and is expected to do so until 2018. So if you are planning to take up interior design as a career now, I would say you are in the right time to shine!

4. It Is A Very Rewarding Job!
Though it won’t be easy to climb up the ladder of success and though you might have to work for lesser pay/free in your early days, tables will definitely turn within a short period of time. The average pay for an entry level interior designer could be around 4 lakh per annum and a senior interior designer could earn up to a whopping 30 lakh per annum! Yes, interior design is one of the most lucrative jobs in India!

5. Interior Design Specializations
Interior Design necessarily doesn’t mean designing and planning residence interiors and other living spaces. Commercial and office spaces, industries like healthcare and retail, whole of the hospitality industry which includes hotels, cafes and resorts, public exhibits and art galleries, furniture manufacturers… everybody needs interior designers. All of the above mentioned are in fact treated as specializations in interior design.

6. Formal Education Is Not Compulsory
Though a few employers look for academic excellence, a lot of them eye on your professional background, portfolio, and more than anything, your creativity and people skills. However, a formal degree in interior design could come to your benefit and increase your value as a designer. Many popular design schools in India including NID offer graduate and postgraduate interior design courses. If ID is entirely new to you and if you don’t have your own interior design portfolio yet, Launchpad’s ‘Interior Design Course’ is a great place to begin your interior design journey.

7. It Won’t Be a Boring Office Job
Interior designers have to move around, a little more than other professionals! Meetings with clients, contractors, architects and suppliers, on-site work, review of the completed work, design plan revival, update to the existing design… you have a long list of reasons to get out of your office. So if you are a person who dislikes boring office jobs and like creative jobs where your ideas and spirit is appreciated, interior design is your thing!

8. It Won’t Be Easy
To have your own interior design firm and have your office table flooded with multiple projects from high-end clientele, you must be a well-known figure in the interior design industry. You need to have an amazing interior design portfolio to showcase your works to potential clients and naturally have years of experience. Years of hard work, a well-built network of contacts and a never ending supply of creativity is your key to have that level of fame and experience. And once you have that level of fame and experience, there’s of course no turning back!


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