Diploma In Car Design

Learn Car Design and Sketching and become ready for a career in design

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Diploma in Interior Design

Learn to latest tools and techniques to design awe inspiring interior spaces

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Diploma In UI/UX Design

Learn the principles of UI and UX to design world class mobile apps and websites

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The Launchpad Experience

Learn from the Masters

Learn from mentors who are industry leaders and experts in their field

Passionate peer group

Learning is fun when you have a active and fun peer group of students along with you

Become a Design Warrior

Launchpad helps you master concepts and become an expert in your chosen field


Ayrton Yanyachi

I am glad I participated in the class. I was admitted later to the Master of Transportation Desing in IAAD - Italy in September of that year

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Car designer at Kiira MotorsLaunchpad’s Diploma in Car Design Program has helped me to expand my knowledge about these basics and fundamentals and learn more.

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Muqeet Arsh

Alumni SPD , Italy 

Launchpad Academy helped me a lot to focus where exactly I wanted to be. They guided me how exactly to apply to colleges and which all colleges are open to apply.

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Welcome back, Sierra!

TATA SIERRA 2020 It was quite a surprise to all present, to see an iconic car return to the centre stage in the Delhi auto expo 2020. The brand is celebrating its 70 years of existence, with the introduction of the all-electric Sierra took everybody's attention when...

Complete Guide To Masters Program In Design In India

The profession of Automotive Design has evolved a lot since looks became as important as functionality. Automotive design deals in the development of the appearance of automobiles by developing the visual appearance, considering technical feasibility with creativity,...

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